Does Liddell have hard kicks?

Say compared to Bas Rutten or a K-1 level striker?

Ask Babalu about it

He softens up his opponents with his kick. It is not like a K-1 level strike where a fighter will go down after a hard leg kick.

The only person he KOed with his kick was Babalu but that was a perfectly placed kick with Babalu going straight into it.

"Say compared to Bas Rutten or a K-1 level striker?"

Bas Rutten is grossly over rated as a kickboxer. I think almost any K-1 HW fighter will hit harder than him.

Chukc does not have K-1 level kicks no but he is still damn good.

CBB kicks like Richard Simmons and is NOT qualified to comment on kicking.

Bas kicks very hard if you don't think so re-watch his fight with TK that you all love to critzize him on. In OT he kicks him so hard in the leg that TK looks like he wants to quit and Bas even shakes his hand as if to say sorry I kicked you so hard, I won't do it again. Also I've heard numerous accounts saying Bas kicks like mule.

Of course it's all realtive BajaBryan that's why I referenced Rutten or K-1 strikers. Does Liddel kick hard compared to the average Joe or even some guy taking kickboxing classes? Of course he does. Does he kick hard compared to his punching ability(pfp one of the hardest ounchers in MMA)or say compared to top-level kickers? I don't know. If you don't know just say to yourself I don't know and give it a ttt or just wait for someone who does.

I agree that Bas kicks very hard, I wasn't really trying to nitpick, I figured you were one of those guys that figured Bas was a K-1 level striker.

He does kick fuckin hard, but hes no Aerts, Hoost, Lebanner, Cro Cop

Yves not a problem.

I wouldn't want to kicked by him. I think that is a pretty simple answer.

When he first stepped into the Octagon, his kicks resembled with White Trash, Hillbilly yellow belt Karate kicks.

He can kick hard (most people can after a few years of hard training) but he just doesn't have wht it takes to make them look good

Watch his fight with Suloev for an answer. I thought his low kicks looked awesome-even Peter Aertsesque. He needs to use them more.

Does Pinnochio have wooden balls?

I think that people are thinking skill instead of power.I don't think that chuck has skill or power of some k-1 fighter but he definately has alot of power. I got a chance to see him warm up and he has natural explosive power.But his power is in his right leg and right hand.But put him in a k-1 fight and he will get picked apart and ko'd.But that is a diffrent sport.So it is not fair to compare him to k-1 fighters.I don't think that he has the power of crocop or aerts but that is top of the food chain (powerwise)and as far as mma goes, he definately can hurt you.

He has strong ass legs, but don't know how hard he kicks.

He trains in Kempo, of course he kicks hard...

Ken-Flowned is correct.  I wish Chuck would kick more, but you can't argue with success!  I still liked that Kempo head kick at the end of Round 1 against Tito that just missed.  If it landed, it would have been a great highlight clip.

He has raw power, but he doesn't have the kind of power great form creates, there are K-1 max guys who kick MUCH harder


Yes, Chuck kicks hard...put it this way, his kicks have the same power relative to most others the same way his punches have more power than most others.

I hope what I'm saying is clear and I'll say it again, Chuck kicks hard.