Does low AEW rating prove CM Punk is a failure?

Tony Khan is replicating many of the failures that WCW went through and some that WWE has had.

-Huge roster with few stars

-Overpaying people who don’t put asses in seats

-An “invasion” angle

-AEW fucked up the ROH acquisition to the point that it could go the way of ECW. Should have waited until there was a platform for ROH.

-All the flippy shit and green wrestlers is fucking up the roster with injuries


Does aew do house shows?

Eh. The ROH purchase was clever, the soft relaunch was the drizzling shits. TK needs that tape library for his streaming pitch to DiscoveryWB.


They do an occasional Friday night show. That is when the “Live Rampage” events air. They also film “Dark” and “Elevation” at Universal in Orlando. Those are typically on a Saturday with 2 separate tapings for each.

If you are a top guy in AEW from a major airport market you could easily only be gone one night a week if you don’t want to work Indy shows.

I’ve enjoyed punks matches since he has been back, smart logical matches in a company full of Flippy shit an no selling so it’s a nice change of pace. He literally didn’t make a full week after winning the belt so I don’t know how the ratings are his fault being out with a injury atm. I know punk is a egotistical dick but I’m just calling it as I see it, plus I almost think of punk as a roh guy than as a WWE guy. Dude always seemed Indy, even in the fed.