Does Luta Livre still exist/have beef with BJJ?

Been a long time since I have heard anything about it.

beef still lingers. Doubt there are many with the desire or energy to keep it going with all of the overlap. when you get old, you find better use for your time

A lot of luta livre guys sold out to the evil empire aka BJJ. I'm wondering if the academia de budokan is still in existence Phone Post

crosstraining and money diluted intensity of beef, which will eventually help to make many people "legends"

Answer: yeah, kinda, but the initial animosity and stark divide has lessened tremendously.

K.J. Gould: Does LL still have a rivalry with BJJ, even if now just friendly?

Marcelo Brigadeiro: Yeah, deep inside we will always have it. Maybe not the new practitioners but everyone that took part in the LL vs. BJJ war in the 90s will always have it deep inside.



Luta Livre is much superior to bjj. The wrestling is better and is more important to control the fight in MMA.

I've heard of grappling with no gi, but....that's extreme right there!

And I just realized part of the thread title is whether LL still "exists" or not, and they've actually been making a super strong comeback over the last few years.

The biggest single source for that is the Renovacao Fight Team in Brazil which is run by Marcio "Cromado" Barbosa. His #1 student is Marcelo Brigadeiro, a UGer and the grappling coach at Team Kaobon. Much of the interview I sourced pertains to Paul Sass' surge in MMA and affinity for Luta Livre.

Former Pride fighter Luciano Azevedo used to be the #1 LL rep for RFT under Cromado, but now exciting fighters like Maiquel Falcao, "Betao" Nogueira and "Junior PQD" are making waves in Bellator and keeping the LL tradition alive.

Plus, there's not so much of a great divide anymore. I believe Busta/BTT brought in a LL coach and gi-players have improved their leg locks through working with LL guys.


Sub good read so far. Phone Post

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Maybe one of the all time UFC bell ringers. This video does not do justice to how bad Tadeau got his head blasted. He walked out with the strangest eyes I have ever seen, almost like he was not going to make it. Always thought the LL guys were maybe like the BJJ guys were to TMA

More Johil

Before my LL interview with Brigadeiro I compiled all of the original BJJ x LL matches from the Desafio tournament into an article:

For later

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MarcusRenatoBrownBelt - Luta Livre is much superior to bjj. The wrestling is better and is more important to control the fight in MMA.

you must not realise how many vote downs you will get for stating the truth here

Id love to add LL to my training. Phone Post