Does MMA need cross-promotion?



CAN UFC CONQUER ALL? Is there a larger potential to MMA?

Conor McGregor vs. Tenshin Nasukawa Muay Thai rules in TOKYO?

Ben Askren vs. Cowboy Cerrone or Carlos Condit in Hong Kong Pride Rules?

Obviously UFC wouldn't want to co-promote with Bellator, but couldn't they do it with a Japanese or Asian company?

Or does UFC not want to potentially give leverage to their competitors who could then turn around and possibly create bidding wars for the fighters with increased cash flow from bigger events thanks to UFC talent?

But the UFC would not need to utilize their biggest names and could in return gain new fans in those markets.

Doesn't seem like it should be a regular thing, but maybe letting a UFC fighter take part in a NYE RIZIN event wouldn't be the worst idea for the totality of MMA. Or when certain #1 or #2 fights might be possible in the future.

Letting Mighty Mouse fight in Japan eventually vs. Kyoji Horiguchi would be epic.

Would this guy blow Conor's Bentley doors off in a pure striking match? Is the UFC protecting a 4 billion dollar investment or are they competing in a global sport? I'm nervous if the UFC shells up like a shop worn fighter with no chin left. Competition drives innovation and these aren't real UFC competitors if they start cross promoting, they then become partners in building up MMA as a whole.






UFC tried before and got burned. Not sure about the video title and it's hosted by a channel called "ANTIZUFFA" but the interview still seems relevant to this possiblity. Dana is telling the truth.