does my band name suck?

i've been playing with these guys for nine months now, & we just now settled on the name crown vic, which has no relevence at all. what do you think, decent? i'm still pissed that they rejected my suggestion of pork chop express.

That name is pretty much the definition of suck.

k, it fits then.

what's up das? i haven't been around much lately.

Yeah, I think ASSBAG might be the only name that would suck more. Maybe Cockalicious would suck more, but it's a toss up. ;)

Band name certain death: naming your band for a band members street address or type of car(Chevelle being a perfect example).

Crown Vic makes me think of an Old Lady driving down the road at 15mph in well......... a Crown Vic

Good to see you poorboy, drop by more often.

See if you can talk them into 'jacks furiously' - thats still my favorite.


ah but the beauty is none of us has ever had a crown vic.

i'm not wild about it, i'm just happy to have a name.

the thing with "jack furiously" is everyone would call the singer jack. which would be funny.

Maybe just Jack Furious.

Well you can't have "shit flingin' monkeys". It's copyrighted.

Poo Tossin' Primates

Trademark/NervousCat Productions ;)

For legal reasons I have to admit I have no trademark on Poo Tossin' Primates.

*hangs head in shame and slinks off.............secretly tossing poo*

Yea, I'd avoid even considering the music on that name.

lol RX

The downside to such a name would be the being pelted with simain shit during a live gig.

There's a poo flinger in every crowd.

Hhaha, what the hell is that clip?

poorboy- did you ever settle on a name?

that music sounds like a Muppet singing to Motorhead.

no blast beat no fun.