Does NAGA have a time machine?

They're advertising a tournament January 14th 2007.


The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is America's largest mixed grappling tournament circuit with over 46,500 competitors worldwide! On SUNDAY, January 14th, 2007 the NAGA brings submission grappling back to Hawaii for its 7th annual event. The grappling tournament will feature 130 No-Gi & Gi Divisions. Come as an individual or as a team to compete.

Dude your high. lol


Does it cost more to register since they will be transporting everyone back to January?

They have potent bud in Hawaii. That should explain things.

That, in fact, is not a mistake or misprint. They DO have a time machine.

According to K-1 there was time machine at Dynamite

"That, in fact, is not a mistake or misprint. They DO have a time machine."

If that's the case I'm buying a ticket back to January. I'm going to bet a shitload of money on Randy, Matt Serra, and Gabe Gonzaga.

Got my NAGA shorts and Gloves from Kipp today. He is "The Man". 'Good for sport' as someone once said.

You might find more reliable action on the superbowl and PBF v. De La Hoya.

mad tiger is probably correct...

but NAGA is going back to Hawaii (tentatively) on January 26, 2008. I hope.

Joe, may I ride along with you on your private jet?

man, NAGA must be making some kind of money to fund that scientific research. Next thing you know, there will be idiots using it to do the gracie of ufc 1 vs. fedor b.s.

they are borrowing Wes Simms's time machine

I wish they had a time machine for the Naga Arnold's event I was garbage!