Does Newton have a chance?

at beating Lindland?

if so... how?

I had a dream hours ago lindland hurt his knee and the fight had to be stopped... you heard it here...

I did bet on newton though before the dream on some crazy chance he crowbars a sub out of lindland... I think matt is only really exposed on his feet and on the ground when he tries to become more aggressive and finish teh fight... he lost the rampage fight in the 3rd due to that and although it's something he almost has to do in order to become more marketable, I still think it exposes him to subs and counters...

newton is a craft mofo too... should provide for some interesting moments...

and if lindland hurts his knee and the fight is stopped, I'm going back to sleep..

sawdusk: did you have any dreams about the UFC tomorrow? Did you dream CroCop hurt his shin (on Eddie's head)?

I too bet on Newton

Newton has been ALOT bigger though