Does Nog tap Sperry?

Anyone know?

Nevermind your crystal ball. I have a giant 8-ball.

shakes it

"It is decidely so"

Well I guess that answers that.

I'm sure they both submitted each other a lot over the years. They must have some really intense training sessions.

I'd wager a guess that at BTT, you'd see a lot of awesome fighters tapping at various times, law o averages mate...

I'm sure they all get beat up. Actually Bustamante was a black belt when Sperry and Nog were blue belts, thats what Murilo said when I went to his seminar. I'm sure after all the training, they all get theirs.

what happens in trainig stays in training

"Bustamante was a black belt when Sperry and Nog "


For some reason I thought that Sperry was the "elder" at BTT.

I thought Sperry was the first black belt, and everyone's mentor.


sperry was a judo guy and then went into bjj... busta started in bjj, i believe.... he had that head start.

Yeah, Im under the impression also that Sperry is the top
guy at BTT.

On the BJJ tree I think it says Bustamante awarded Nog and Arona their black belts.

Arona's BB is from Busta, not sure about Nog's could be from Busta aswell.

That means Busta has tapped Arona thousands of times over the years as his teacher.

Arona got his blackbelt from Liborio after winning ADCC the first time i thought? Liborio gives it to him on the podium, and i thought that Minotauro was a De La Riva blackbelt until he made the switch to MMA and started with BTT

It says Arona'a BB is from busta? Thats funny cuz during the awards ceremony at ADCC 2000 you see Sperry tying a black belt onto arona when he is on the podium for winning the under99kg division. Both sperry and busta were present and usually its he who promotes you that ties it on as well.

Minotauro got his black belt from De La Riva.

All these roads lead directly to Carlson Gracie

I have two stripes on my white belt. But I put them there myself.

I bought my blackbelt at walmart