Does People Strutting Around Wearing GUNS in the City Make America Look Retarded?

LARGE Capacity Magazines allowing for High Volume repetitive shooting? Yep that’s an ASSAULT GUN!


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this sucks I want to go back to the Good Ol’ Duke Boy Days when Civie Guns were for Hunting Food and High Capacity Magazne ASSAULT GUNS and Military Fashion were for Soldiers

Anyone see the Charlo vs Castano rematch tonight?

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^no idea what that is…I did enjoy a rather splendid afternoon/evening out strolling and reading over at the park

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You know what sucks about getting shot? Not having a gun to shoot back.


The muggers, rapists and murderers already run the cities.

At this point, they should just release the remaining violent felons onto the streets.


If you’ve been anywhere from east TX going thru NM, AZ and NV open carry is still allowed and it’s pretty damn cool. No one fucks around cause everyone is strapped. it creates a wonderfully calm society.


Well, I know if I was going into a city, wherr there is a 90% chance it’s Dem ran and gun violence is on every corner, yeah I’d be strapped as well.

Do you fucking retards just choose to ignore the amount of violence in cities where the racial makeup is pretty one sided. I’m pretty sure if those cities were filled with a different race and the same amount of violence occured out would be a non stop talking point on MSM and by retards like you.

Funny, I don’t feel the need to conceal carry when I’m not in some shit hole city with a certain demographic of the population commiting these murders. Well shootings, because we all know accuracy is not the name of their game.

Their flag was enough.

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Why did you chicken out when telling someone they chickened out?

Safest place ever is a gun show. Everyone is packing and polite as fuck.

Yeah everyone is packin in Atlanta and Detroit and its just a super safe police society there.

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What days were those? It’s only in the last 50 years or so that Americans were not armed similarly or at least had access to similar firearms as our military.

Yep. Totally same demographic dip shit.

Do you have right to shoot someone in America?

really? I was out at the park yesterday and no one menaced me…yet I return home and turn on the OG to see some Far Right SpecLARP GUNtard in the news AGAIN

LOL are you ANOTHER FEARFUL TightyWhitey TUCK CLUCK which is one more FAR RIGHT Media Program from snapping? Yesterday I was out at the URBAN Park WALKING in the EVENING and I saw ETHNIC Youths Playing BasketBall and NO ONE MENACED ME and I’m 5’5" and dress like an LLBean/JCrew Catalog!