Does People Strutting Around Wearing GUNS in the City Make America Look Retarded?

I didn’t chicken out, the forum(or Google) AUTO Censored the RACIST WORD he wanted to use but as you can observe I was CLEVER enough to get CLOSE ENOUGH without being a CHICKEN to HELP him SEE his RACISM

So you think white guys should be able to go around brandishing firearms but black men shouldnt be allowed to have any? Sounds racist.

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the FAR RIGHT is not looking too good this week


and no surprise that the MASS SHOOTER was OutFitted in SpecLARP Apparel so Popular with the GUNtards

You called it Raskal!

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I guess that white man strutting around in his tactical gear with an assault rifle didnt make for a more polite and safe society?

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and they wonder why their women are not giving them SEX and CHEATING…imagine if you are a woman and your man is running around dressed like a Navy SEAL but isn’t actually in the military :rofl:

it’s like guys who never Fought Pro all decked out and strutting around in TAPOUT gear

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Oh man Rasky you might be offending a lot of the OG with that one LOL!

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just LOL 40yrs old DAD-BODS running around in SpecLARP GiJoe DressUp and WHINING about LGBT, Genderism, and this generation’s young men as if they are not MORE RIDICULOUS in their own DORKERY

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…and these 40yrs Old Dad-Bod SpecLARP Dorks playing GiJoe DressUp are not different from those 90s Goths playing Vampire DressUp LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not as bad as @theraskal crossdressing at a woman! You sick fuck!

You can’t be serious?? Made you feel scared? Did you run home to your safe space? Did you cry?

I don’t think you want to meet “Ham&Cheddar”

These threads are always funny.

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It’s true, AntiFa are very stupid and known cucks.

Le Shat

^yeah they look like DORKS no argument there. GUNtard Cultural Phenomena

…at least they’re not HuskyFat though, I’ll give them that

I don’t know why everyone is shocked. many of these cities being discussed were once some of America’s “greatest” cities. Now they are places boko haram members wouldn’t move to. I keep telling you guys this shit is circling the drain and the only answer anyone from everyday folks to elected officials can come up with is to fucking vote! How the hell do you think we got into this shit? It’s a wrap fellas. It’s not getting better and the rescue ships aren’t coming to save ya.

when the DEVIL’S Choices are CreepyJoe or Trumpstein NO THANK YOU!

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