Does Pridefc game play on PS3?

I was wondering if the PrideFC video game will play on the Playstation 3. And if so would I need the 60 or 80 gig PS3?

Thanks for any info.

It will play on either I'm pretty sure..My boy has the 80 gig and it plays..hope it works out for ya!


It won't play on the newer PS3's. Only the original ones

it won't play on the 40 gb, but will on the rest, i believe..could be wrong tho

My boyz is one of the Idk then...

It'll play on the 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB. The 20 and 60 are the best options, but I haven't heard about any issues on the 80GB. That one plays PS2 games via a software emulator, while the 20/60 actually have a mini-PS2 inside of them.
The 40GB model won't play PS2 games (for now), so it won't work on that one at all.