does Punk have a reason

to complain about the Rock coming back for WM and leaving in between to film movies???? Recently he's been expressing his dislike of the Rock and is mad he's the only guy upset that the Rock can come and go as he pleases, now the Rock imo has earned his right to do what he pleases, I like Punk but it sounds like sour grapes imo...the Rock worked his way through the business just like every other top super star, he's nearing 40, so I don't blame him for not wanting to work full time, he did his thing for years, now he's juggling different careers because he can...

The Rock has every right in the world to work or not work in the WWE. He earned the ability to call his own shots.

Usually people talk shit on the guys that hang on too long, people should be happy for the Rock for making it big.

agreed, so it's basically bitterness???

Not sure if bitterness or a bit of a work.

I don't know, I thought about it, but he's the only one that's been complaining about it backstage, plus he's not in a feud with him..

Barry_BondsMVP - I don't know, I thought about it, but he's the only one that's been complaining about it backstage, plus he's not in a feud with him..

It might be setting up a future feud after Mania. Not saying that is the case, but it's possible. If it's not a work, then it is just sour grapes for no reason.

yea let's see what happens

Punk always seems to have problems. His first title run was cut short because he wouldn't listen to Undertaker about dressing professionally. Now he's complaining about the Rock because Rock can come and go as he pleases? If Rock had stayed he would be complaining about another broken down 40 year old "keeping other guys down"

Punk thinks he on the same level as the Rock and other bonafide Legends.

 but he doesn't have a problem with The Undertaker?


lol he hasn't said much about Taker, unless I missed it, been all Rock...

Honestly they should all (I say all because Orton previously had beef and I'm sure there were a few more) be quiet and enjoy the PPV bonus when the Rock brings in the extra numbers. The current roster has run the show for the past few years and the numbers haven't been great. If the Rocks going to come in and provide a boost they should be happy. Punk likes to talk about how Vince and some of the guys making calls in the back are out of touch and just don't get what the audience wants, but Punk is just as guilty of this when it comes to The Rock imo.


It seems a bit of jealous and spite for a 'part timer' to take the spot of someone putting in the time and travel. The thing is the Rock did all that. And at the end of the day it's about putting asses in seats and eyeballs on the ppv.

He's bitter that it's the main event. Phone Post

I've heard a lot more complaints from Cena than Punk. Punk's has an issue with the Rock because he believes he is an Ass kisser.

ArtWanderlei -  but he doesn't have a problem with The Undertaker?


Good point but I wouldn't be surprised if its not some kinda work.The wwe love to blur the lines of scripted stuff and reality at the moment and I applaud them in this day and age of the Internet that they still keep people guessing Phone Post

I think Punk is shooting when he speaks of The Rock and I do not blame him. WWE has spent the past year building John Cena vs The Rock when they easily could of spent that much time and effort building a meaningful feud between two active full-time wrestlers to headline Wrestlemania.

I watched the Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels DVD they just released a little while ago and was left wondering why WWE has not tried to do something similar again with a personal heated feud. John Cena vs The Rock is as close as WWE has came to building a very personal long lasting feud.

Besides a few increased PPV buys with The Rock and very slight ratings bumps on occasions, the long-term payoff of The Rock vs John Cena seems like a waste. The Rock is not going to be around after Wrestlemania so why are they building him up so much? Also John Cena is seemingly getting buried thus far from this match unless they turn him heel so how is this benefiting him and the long-term future of the company?

Only thing refreshing about all of this is we are starting to see a slightly different side of John Cena, as he has definitely been stale the past few years.

Imagine if they set CM Punk and John Cena off in a heated war of words on both television and outside interviews for the same time they have invested in The Rock. Have them get so personal with their verbiage against each other that everybody backstage and watching the product truly believe they have real heat with each other. CM Punk vs John Cena Money In The Bank had huge meaning behind it, now just think if they had it worked out that CM Punk's contract was extended until Wrestlemania 2012 and they keep CM Punk and John Cena apart from wrestling each other until Wrestlemania.

Then leading to Wrestlemania they do the same shoot promo with CM Punk on the stage saying he is leaving the WWE at Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship. If they never let them wrestle each other that entire year and just built it up the match would have just as much, if not more meaning to it than The Rock vs John Cena has. The buy-rate for that Wrestlemania if they went with CM Punk vs John Cena would do the same as The Rock and John Cena, and the payout in the months and years to follow for WWE would be incredible.

Instead of CM Punk just being a semi big star in WWE, he would be the biggest star WWE has produced since The Rock and Austin.

After The Rock vs John Cena concludes, fans are going to be left hating The Rock again for being a sellout as they will not get behind The Rock if he tries to do another angle that he rarely appears in.

So yes The Rock is getting eyes to the product, but he really isn't helping the product. CM Punk has been booked horribly since Money In The Bank, and that is because WWE's focus for Wrestlemania is John Cena vs The Rock and Undertaker vs someone who is not CM Punk so WWE has been unwilling to make him look strong for nothing. The Rock stole what should of been CM Punk's spot.