Does reverse arm triangle work for you?

Arm triangle has long been one of my most effective subs, but I've never used the reverse variation (same choke principles, but from north south).  I've seen a number of videos that make me feel like it might be a very useful choke to add, but I'm also puzzled why I've never seen anyone use it, that I can recall.  

Ever use this one?  Success with it? 

Like a north south choke with the arm in? 


D'arce choke? Anaconda choke? North/south choke? I'm not sure what you are referring to but all three work.

The reverse arm triangle (RAT choke) works just fine, and it's sort of a hybrid between a north south choke and a darce/brabo choke. IMO it's not as strong as either one of the chokes that it's a hybrid of, so whenever I'm in a position to hit the RAT, I usually just go for one of the others instead.

Shinsplint -

Like a north south choke with the arm in? 



Yes, I know this video has Brandon Quick, who isn't popular here, but let's focus on the technique.  

weird, we just covered this in a seminar last week...i normally dont use it but ive had a bit of success with it this last week, the main detail i remember is that their chin cant be in your ribcage and should be turned away maybe as youre sinking it in

This is one of my favourite no gi attacks when I'm in side control if I can isolate the arm.

a visitor to our gym hit it on me about 4 times in one roll session so I decided to try to learn it.  I studied up on it on Marcelo's site quite a bit.

The trick to making it work is being able to control your opponent all the way until you sink that shoulder down. 

First when you collect the head, then block the hip with your other arm as you  walk around to north south while gathering up the arm with your hip. Keep your hips down on the mat tight. Use your knee to scrape his arm off the mat if you need to.

Once the arm is tight to the head connect your grips in an S grip. You really need to keep the guy flat on his back and you need to get under the chin.

Marcelo teaches to use your rib cage to turn his head if it's not in position. You want the chin up and centered. Once you get there, I like to think of sliding down to stretch out the neck a bit. Like a crocodile dragging its prey into the water. This helps position the chin and cinch up the choking position.

Once you are there making sure you keep both your elbows on the mat I will pull slightly with the arm on the outside and roll your shoulder that's on the neck down towards where your hands would be under the neck. Don't concentrate on the squeeze, focus on dropping the shoulder. make sure you keep nice and flat with your legs wide and hips down.


theres a few variations but this is the one that works for me. I find it works well with my relatively short arms. 


Marcelo even jumps into this position straight from the pass sometimes. I'm working on that part still. 

Good luck



yeh i like it