Does Rhodes Stand a Chance Against Alvarez?

He's a superior calibre of fighter to Matthew Hatton.

But he's not on Alvarez's level.

But he is experienced and knows how to go the distance in a fight.

IIRC, Rhodes can really thump. He's not very fast, but neither is Canelo. If Alvarez gets careless, he could find himself getting whacked.

I just rewatched his fight against Jamie Moore.

He's still got that flashy, switch-hitting Brendan Ingle style.

I think Alvarez will take him apart in 8 rounds, unless Rhodes goes into survival mode.

He was supposed to the next Hamed. He failed completely and, in hindsight, basically looked like Hamed's chief fluffer.

Him and Naz were best buddies. Brendan Ingle made every one of his fighters fight the same.

Mind you he has had lots of success with many of them.

Rhodes looked really good against Moore, but I can't recall him looking that good in his other fights. He should be experienced enough to go the distance with Alvarez but not win.

thought Canelo looked like shit against Hatton .

Spice Boy via TKO

Well, Ryan is the new Herol Graham.

Spicy Boy was never allowed to settle , good job by Canelo , he looked good .

I still can't get a handle on whether Canelo is that damn good or if Ryan Rhodes just sucks that damn bad.

Awful performance by Rhodes.

it was a bit like a watered down version of what happened when Naz ran into MAB .

Rhodes is pretty good, better than Matty Hatton. He can make people look stupid at his best but just couldnt get anything going against Canelo

jury still out on Canelo imo.

^Please. Power, head movment, crisp and accurate punches, big and strong, can take a decent shot. He's special.

he's never fought top level comp and has looked shitty against some of the B-level guys.

Jury still out.

^^^Agree with Kwik - looking shitty against Matthew Hatton doesnt scream quality

Canelo can cut through Brits like a hot knife through warm butter, we know that much for certain.

But let's see how he does against Ricardo Mayorga who is rumored to be his next fight.

he beat 2 unranked Brits, lol @ Mayorga , he might as well fight Young Mutley or Junior Witter to keep his Knife warm.

lets see him cut through Brook .

he should at least be going after Cotto or K9 .

they are both being moved along too slowly imo but Canelo has crazy hype and is closing in on 40 fights and his claim to fame is a 12th round Stoppage against the Spice Boy LOL.

Rhodes was ranked (although I can't see why.)

Bundrage would be a good fight for Canelo. The ginger Mexican has reached a stage in his career where he should go after the lesser champions or faded older stars.

i agree and so should Brook although Kell is making the big step up to the Lovemore U'dou Challenge after 23 fights where as Canelo only took the plunge after 36

Alvarez is overated just like Chavez jr need to fight in Mexico to have a secure win Phone Post

Chavez Jr. is crap, but Alvarez has decent talent and is growing on me a little (although he's not as good as the hype.)