Does rickson gracie lift weights?

Rickson by armbar rd 1 2:03.

Seems that this type of strength training would be better overall for grappling. I mean you build endurance, muscle, balance and functional strength. Seems that guys that weightlift alot get away from technique more and try to rely on strength. Plus I don't see weight lifters being as fluid as someone like rickson or carlos newton.

Articles that featured Rickson's workouts in the past have focused on his yoga training.

not sure if he does currently, but Charles Staley trained for a short period a few years ago

Staley informed me Rickson was very good at bodyweigth movements as well as skilled resistance (required numerous motor qualities)

coach hale


is very smart and uses all types of tools to aid him in his athletic endeavors.

He works with weights, resistance bands, Stability balls...


He leg-presses his children while lying in bed wearing breath-right strips

he said in an overpriced seminar i went to 3 years ago he works with dumbells with swiss balls a lil bit.

he does yoga and ginastica.