Does Russia come out of this thing stronger/weaker/the same?

Objectively weaker.

Russia is a pariah nation serving moldy food to their citizens and rapidly running out of basic electronic accessories and medical supplies.

Something the west takes for granted, like dental instruments, are becoming a rare commodity in Russia.

All the OG autism about “RuBLe SuRGiNG” doesn’t mean shit when it is currency non grata in most of the world and worth less than single-ply toilet paper.

Putin is living a miserable, decrepit existence where he needs half a dozen men to taste his food to check for poison before he eats it.

The children of Russian oligarchs and even Putin himself, all know Russia is a shithole so they hide out in the west. They’ve had their bank accounts and assets frozen and been sanctioned to the point where Putin’s lovechild can’t even buy a croissant in Paris using a credit card.

Russia is selling oil at a major discount, and is basically going to be sucked dry by BRICS nations who are happy to exploit them.

On top of that, over 75,000 Russian invaders have been killed or incapacitated on the battlefield. Top Russian Generals liquidated. Well over a billion dollars in Russian equipment lost forever. Troops demoralized and surrendering.

Russia is weaker than ever before thanks to Putin and his foolish war.

Putin will lose…everything.

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As far as saying they’ll be isolated… That’s temporary, they can quickly get all that back.

Turkey basically did the same thing Russia is doing in Ukraine to Cyprus… And they’ve been illegally occupying half that island for like 50 years and they’re a member of NATO for fucks sakes.

Russia just needs to make some shallow gesture after this is over and they’ll be fine.

Besides this was good for their military… exposed how weak it was so they can go in and fix it before a real war.

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Better chance Ukraine takes back Crimea than Russia claiming more Ukrainian land.

How long you think international support is going to hold up?

At least in America, Congress will approve of as much funding as is required.

There is enough bipartisan support in Congress to pass funding bills even if GOP takes the House next year.

Hahaha VTCO is going to be looking like such an idiot within the next 6 months.

Imagine being so far gone that you STILL actually believe western bullshit propaganda


This isnt Afghanistan and that was a 10 year conflict not 20. Also, at the time Afghanistan was looked at as the good guys. Wow, how time changes things. Hell, Rambo 3 was basically a motivational movie made by Sly for the Mujahedeen.

I dont recall saying anything about public opinion. I stated that countries can not indefinitely provide Ukraine with arms and supplies. Just not possible. Even for the U.S. You are mistaken if you believe otherwise.

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You’ve already proven you do not having a fucking clue what your talking about when it comes to this conflict.

It is almost comical that you think Ukraine has the fire power as well as man power to take back Crimea. Could Crimea be conceded back to Ukraine in negotiations? Absolutely but i highly doubt it.

Without international support and intervention. Ukraine would have already fallen. They were begging for suppprt and aide 32 minutes into the conflict. Like sheep to the slaughter, you had countries feigning support. In which we all know can not go on forever.


Stronger vs Weaker…vs what exactly?

The reality is that borders in the Russia/Ukraine/Poland area over the past couple of hundred years are uncertain, flexible and situationaly dependent.

Russia will come out of this “weaker” than they were at peak Czarist or Soviet times, but “stronger” than they were in 1919, 1941 or 1993.

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All you’re doing is proving @Clownworld69 to be your superior and more well-informed with responses like this…

… and they’re not isolated. If anything, the war has increased their engagement with the rest of the non-western world. For starters,they’re much closer to China and India today than they were six months ago. Their relationship with the rest of OPEC+ is as strong as ever. Their relationship with Iran is stronger than ever. They’re going to gain a ton of leverage over the middle eastern and African nations that depend on grain from eastern Ukraine territory that is now under their control.

Even in the west, they still have a good bit of leverage due to how much the west is dependent on their fossil fuels and fertilizer. Putin has yet to fire his own economic weapon and cut off western access to his raw materials, as they have cut him off from their manufactured goods. He squeezing them a bit by throttling down volume, but he hasn’t turned off the spigot. How long will Germany and Poland and the UK be on board with sanctions if Putin goes tit-for-tat by denying them gas and oil and coal and fertilizer?


How do you figure?

Russia controlled about 10% of Ukrainian territory (excluding Crimea) before war broke out. They now control about 25% (excluding Crimea). What makes you think they will lose what they have already gained (including territory gained in 2014), rather than hold onto it or gain more? I see nothing to indicate that will happen.

I’m referring to American-Afghan war, not the Russo-Afghan war.


Tens of billions of dollars is pocket change in the Modern Monetary Theory era of economics where politicians measure spending bills in the TRILLIONS.

The people who are clueless are all the OGers who were certain Kyiv would fall imminently after the invasion began.

Go look back @ the invasion thread for a good laugh.

It is almost comical that you think Ukraine has the fire power as well as man power to take back Crimea. Could Crimea be conceded back to Ukraine in negotiations? Absolutely but i highly doubt it.

I never said Ukraine would take Crimea. I said Crimea has a better chance of being in Ukrainian control again over Russia taking large swaths of territory.

Without international support and intervention. Ukraine would have already fallen.

So what? Why do Russian simps use this as a talking point? Ukraine asked for international help and has been receiving it.

Big deal.

In which we all know can not go on forever.

Do you really think Congress is going to reject more funding bills?

There is enough GOP support in both chambers to send over much more aid.

Will it last forever? No, but neither will this war.

It is less about me practically thinking Ukraine takes back Crimea and more about rebuffing the notion that “large portions” of Ukraine will be surrendered to Russia.

I don’t see any scenario where Russia agrees to ‘give back’ territory in the Donetsk or Luhansk oblasts. Those are internationally recognized independent territories. I can see them swapping back some of their ‘land bridge’ to Crimea that allows them complete dominance of the Sea of Azov coast, and the chunks of Kharkiv and bits of a few other oblasts that they hold, but Ukraine would have to make serious concessions to get it back.

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lol You mean internationally recognized by Russia Syria and North Korea lol


What is driving you to believe that Ukraine is going to get back their lost territory?

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I mean internationally recognized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which was a participant in the Minsk Accords. The OSCE is comprised of most European and North American countries.

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I don’t believe Ukraine will get back lost territory, I’m saying the Donbass region will never have been worth the potato shortage lol

I was just correcting the belief that the territories are internationally recognized, which they aren’t

“The OSCE is comprised of most European and North American countries”

all of which do not recognize the territories.

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It’ll be interesting to see who’s buying what from whom after this all shakes out…good post…