Does the Bones injury...

ruin the hype and momentum leading up to the fight? Or will this give the UFC more time to promote the fight and generate PPV sales?

I can't help but feel this injury really killed all the drama and beef leading up to the fight. Now it will die down and be just like any other.

This injury came at the worst possible time. I already couldn't wait till Sep. 27th and now we have to wait till next year? I am crushed ):



Yeah it kills the hype IMO Phone Post 3.0

MediumRareMistake - Yeah it kills the hype IMO Phone Post 3.0
I think every true fan has to feel this way. The hype was as high as it gets after that scuffle. Come jan that will all be gone. Phone Post 3.0

Definitly kills the hype. But you know the ufc will remind us all about it as the fight draws closer Phone Post 3.0

Kills the hype.


Random friends/family of mine who don't follow MMA were asking about it and seemed genuinely intrigued.


They won't give a shit next time.  


If something else crazy happens during the buildup of the rescheduled fight, people will question it being a setup even more than they did the first time.

Definetly killed the hype Phone Post 3.0

They should both get their knees fixed and fight in wheelchairs.

Dana make it happen!!! Phone Post 3.0