Does the truth matter to the masses?

Suppose someone came out with undeniable proof that some massive conspiracy was true, like:

The election was stolen

Covid isn’t as bad as stated and the vaccines and economic shit down were unnecessary, even with the information they had a year ago.

Biden is a criminal

Some left wing conspiracies to be fair.

If the information was freely available would people change their minds? I’ll admit I’d have a hard time believing facts that went against my beliefs and biases, I like to think I’d come around, because I have changed my beliefs in the past.

I get the feeling like most people would close their eyes and ears to any information that ran contrary to their beliefs. Almost like that Russian defector said in that 80s video about a demoralized population unable to be convinced even when presented the truth.


The people we call libtards will not under any circumstances admit to anything they think being wrong regardless of where it comes from or when.

They are called NPCs because they accepted their programming and now are entirely incapable of altering their beliefs or behaviors.

THEY know YOU better than YOU KNOW YOURSELF. They seek to impart judgement on thoughts they only IMAGINE you have or had. They will not respond to your citations, logic, facts, or even the words you use, only to the argument they made up for you before you even replied.

Legit programmed humans. And yeah, that can exist anywhere, but right now that is almost entirely libtards.

If Fauci and Biden had a press conference tomorrow where Fauci said he helped engineer the covid panic to keep people’s eyes off the prize while Biden was unlawfully placed in the WH and Biden agreed and signed a sworn statement in front of Congress about it they would literally just say Trump must have threatened their family or some shit and keep wearing 2 masks at home alone with their masked up half dead vegan cat.


Both the left and right are full of sheep. Anyone who thinks it’s just one side or the other, is just one of them.

The need to choose a side or pick a group is what makes you so exploitable.


I agree philosophically but I have to say in my experience conservative people can call a spade a spade. If a republican does something illegal they are more likely to call them out on it.

I agree that the tribalism is real and has been done through history to divide us. I think a lot of people realize this but they are forced into on tribe


Nope, just look at the trumptards on here. They live in their own infosphere and the orchre moron has already trained them, pavlovian-style, to squeal about “fake news” when any truth or information seeps in. Look at the left-tards who we assume are trolling, but in fact might be fully indoctrinated useful idiots. They continue to push a narrative that was shown to be socially and economically destructive because their “dear leaders” say it’s the way forward. Both sides have successfully denied what their eyes see and their ears hear. We’re fucked, and I truly believe that there’s no great “revelation” left that will wake these dumb motherfuckers up.

We live in a post-truth, post-facts world. And we’re all the worse for it.


Well, when you consider that most people get their “truth” from memes on social media…

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There’s legitimate proof of everything you said annnnnddd people don’t care.

I mean look at yourself , you still NEED more PROOF.

Biden’s sons paintings? That’s not enough proof ?

The survival rates of covid isn’t enough proof ??


See? There’s a useful idiot right there.

No hope.

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OP: LOL at your typo, “shit down”. Fitting. I might start using it.

The Russia Collusion conspiracy (not the interference, but Trumps involvement, ie collusion) has been dropped by the media and every lefty i know since the Mueller Report came out.

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Spoken like a true tribesman. I’ll bet you laugh when someone you don’t agree with gets assaulted and maimed

What about the Clinton’s and Biden’s involvement with Russia?

yeah its not like this year every fucking thing he said about covid was proven correct and fauci and the media lied to us the whole time


Sad thing is when you tell someone they are an NPC and they yell Trumptard and quote CNN


I dont understand. There hasnt been an investigation or proof one way or the other regarding that. Its just public accusation.

Pretty sure deals the uranium 1 isn’t just an accusation .

Troll harder, doofus. I ain’t biting.

Throw some insults then say I’m trolling?

If it comes out contemporaneously and it pisses off another powerful group then yes ie watergate being obvious example.

i don’t remember the details on that but i thought that looked sketchy but really wasn’t and was all above board.

Does b.d. stand for big dummy?