Does the truth matter to the masses?

It’s whatever you want it to stand for, little dummy.

Your reading comprehension is positively stunning.

Baby Dick

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Is he trolling

Or actually believes that nonsense?

You guys wouldn’t believe the truth if it was served up on a silver platter

Undeniable truth about the government illegally spying on it’s citizens came out around 2006 and not many cared.

It’s hard to tell anymore.

I mean, you’re no angel when it comes to trolling, so maybe you should tell me.

But honestly, this constant shitposting is getting un-fucking-bearable. I’ve no patience left for dolts and dullards who prefer trolling and baiting and pointlessly arguing in every fucking thread, or making variations of the same goddamn thread all day every day. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. Maybe I just need to take another break from this place and these useless idiots.

Hey, now, keep your fantasies to yourself, weirdo.

All of you engaging with b.d. on this are completely wasting your time. He said one of the most violent, unhinged things I ever seen typed out here on what he wants to do to those he deems a “conspiracy theorist” on here. He tries to play the middle, but he is a lunatic that can’t just agree to disagree with others.


I love being lied to, as long as it makes me feel better.

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Reddit is always open for people like you who only want to hear from your own side. You can also head on over to Facebook, Twitter, tiktok, YouTube, etc… to find your comfy little bubble.

The OG is one of the last (mostly) free places left online. Go take a break from the OG in your safe space if you can’t handle it.

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I am less a troll than someone a satirist. I simply mock the MAGAidiots with their own game…

Every now and then I drop some real evidence and logic in a thread but don’t often get thoughtful replies…

So I tend to engage with MAGAidiots on their own level as satire

Former KGB agent , Yuri Bezmenov, stated that 85% of an agent’s job had to deal with ideological subversion. He went on to give details and timelines but made it clear that once a person is indoctrinated in Marxist ideology, they can be shown bona fide facts, clear as day, and they will not believe them.Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America About Socialist Subversion - YouTube

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That’s you bd and easye

You continue to spread division, tribalism and misinformation

No, it does not to the majority.

If you could undeniably prove that “fill in whatever religion here” is not true, do you think people would drop their religion? There is your answer. Most people are idiots.

The rules are being dictated well above Sleepy Joe, he’s just a stupid and I do mean stupid, puppet. MSM, Big Tech, and Hollywood are all part of it, so the sheep on the left just blindly follow because they aren’t smart enough to think for themselves.

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