Does the UFC make enough money from free events to

Get rid of PPV? I'm no expert businessman, but it'd be great if the UFC got rid of PPV. Phone Post


free events on ad supported networks will not replace ppv...  having their own subscirption channel will.  Once evey tv is connected to the internet and all content is being consumed via the internet and the majority of the supply chain costs are taken out, this will be a reality.  Google estimates 8 years.  the fox deal is 7...


Co inky dink?  i think not.

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Never. Fans of combat sports have long been conditioned to pay for it (that's why you can't compare combat sports and how they're consummed to any other sport). Even when boxing was on network television, the "big fights" were shown on closed circuit television. So people have always shown the willingness to pay for the privilege of watching hand-to-hand combat. Zuffa understands this and so they'll never completely move away from the PPV model (especially when they have highly marketable fights). What they will do, and what they've taken steps to do, is not be so reliant on PPV revenue.