Does the WEST meddle or is Just RUSSIA a meddler?

Does the WEST meddle in other countries politics too or is only Russia a politik meddler?

I am guessing you are being coy, but yes, factions in the US are among the top 'meddlers' in the world.

By faction I basically mean an organized crime network, with one or multiple intelligence agencies as fronts. 

International bankers typically employ these organized crime networks.  Drug cartels are the last piece of the puzzle.  Think of it as a vertically integrated operation, don't think of 'why do (these) guys work with (those) guys', but think 'what can (these) guys do for (those) guys'.

They will traffic drugs, weapons, illegal oil (like ISIS), people, organs...  They profit from engineering conflicts, whether it be the 'War on Terror', the war in Syria, the war in Yemen, the overthrow of Qaddafi and the ruination of Libya, I could go on. 

The goals are power and profit, obviously.

We invade entire nations based on false intel, kill hundreds of thousands of their citizens, and hang their president by the neck until dead.  Now THAT'S hacking a fucking election.  Putin is a pussy with his kiddie script phishing scams of the DNC.

so Russia is just doing the same what the USA is doing?

Everyone is meddling all the time. The extent and nature of their meddling is the only difference.

Its like living in Bizarro World, the Land of the Doublespeak.

We're complaining that Russia may have interfered in our elections as we openly arm, fund and train ISUS terrorists and rebels with the stated agenda of overthrowing a sovereign nation...

Not to mention the 50,000+ bombs...