Does this counter to a choke work?

does this catch wrestling shin lock really work if your opponent already has a tight choke on you?

if by work you mean cause you to go unconcious, then yes


If you know what you're doing, YES, it will work! If you don't know what you're doing, it's nap time.

It's kinda like asking if any technique works. Does a particular side escape work? Does a gogoplata work? It depends, there's alot of factors involved and that's why BJJ or grappling is compared to chess.

Doesn't Tony C hold some record in biceps curl or something? I would say that if you had cracy arm strength and got it in prior to them having the choke in you may have a chance. For those of us mortals probably not.

You would be better thinking of that move as something to look for from a turtle instead of a counter to a choke. YMMV.

It works for getting the hooks off but leaves the guy to choke you easier. See obake vs. tom erikson. He tried that exact escape. That said... if the choke is allready in completely and you want to fight it thats one way to do it.

I've had that done to me. Getting the elbow on the shin is as important I think as how hard you pull on the leg.

It most definitely does/can work, even to the point of getting a submission. I didn't realise it was a 'catch' technique either - we have been using it for years (admittedly, we're not BJJ either).

While it is one of those techniques that usually only gets a tap at the end of a long wrestle in a big session (when someone gets tired and sloppy), when done right - elbow in the right spot, grip on the foot correct (definitely easier with shoes) - it is a very painful hold.

I've never seen it work in an mma fight, but there's tons of fights I haven't seen

anyone seen it work in an mma fight?

I saw hughes escape backmount with it before but not im mma. Its not to get the tap as much as its to get them to react and let go of the choke or just to escape hooks.

It isn't something I would do but I don't think it is garbage either.

It is a shitty technique. Does not work too often.

It works but is very difficult to do right. The hardest thing about this lock is practicing it – because done right it is about the most painful submission in the book. Most people mess it up because they lift the foot and push their elbow into the shin. This rocks you back into the choke, is easy to stop and generally will not work.

Done right bottom man slides his weight into the lock. It is a very precise and difficult move that really needs to be felt to be believed. By sliding down you will also be better able to fight off the choke. So does it work? Yes. It is a difficult submission to learn and perform – very much so. I have seen about 20 people try to teach this lock; all have done so incorrectly save for Tony.

If Tony C does it you; you will let go the choke and snap your wrist tapping.

You're a pussy if you tap to that shit and deserve to lose.

I've used it but only against newbs. I also love the shin lock from side mount, with your knee instead. Both are incredibly painful if done correctly.


LOL that clip is funny as hell.

If my grandmother takes your back, she might tap to it. It is a show move. Fun to play with, but bad technique, imo.

I've used it before and gotten good results both in the gym and in a real match. Will it work if a choke is sunk in? Probably not, but what will besides tapping? I used it while they were still trying to get under my chin and was defending. It hurts like hell and usually makes people move, or at least forget about the choke. When I used it, it made the guy spaz and I was able to get to sidemount.

It's not a high percentage move, but it does work. Kind of like a rolling kneebar, or flying armbar. I only went for it because I was stuck in back mount.