Does this movie exist or did I Dream it?

I’m not sure if it’s a movie or a story out of a book.

Basically there is a traveling sideshow with circus freaks. One of the freaks is the worlds fattest lady. The protagonist is standing in line to get a blowjob as today she is blowing everyone in the carnival.

He gets his blowjob but she is spitting the cum on the side of her bed. There’s a big ole puddle of it. He slips and falls on his ass. She starts laughing at him.

He gets mad and yells something like “at least my mouth isn’t a public toilet!!”

End scene as he runs out of the circus tent.

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This is what happens when you sleep walk into your mom’s bedroom OP.


It’s called, The fat lady never sings.

The movie is titled OP Is a Troll Faggot.

troll dancing GIF

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Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF

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Sounds like Steel Magnolias

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The Golden Child?

Fun house?

Cirque du Freak: A Vampire’s Assistant. ItMs based off a book of the same name. Kids in grade school read it so when the movie came out, all those kids were excited and dragged their parents to the movie.