Does Todd Duffee have a weak chin?

Duffee has had three fights in major organizations, atleast three fights that are widely know to the general public. Against Tim Hague, Mike Russow, and Alistair Overeem.

The Hague fight ended in quick fashion with Duffee not even being touched. In the Russow fight, he dominated. Russow landed maybe ten blows total, and won in amazing comeback fashion. Then you have Overeem, who is a different class of all three listed above (including Duffee).

I know the term "glass chin" is kind of mundane but Duffee really hasn't had much experience than what we see.

So what say the UG, do you think the Duffmeister has a weak chin or are these just two minor setback?

*Disclaimer: I am and always will be on the Dufftrain, GET BACK SOON DUDE!

As much as I am not a fan of his I would say it's not fair to say he has a weak chin. Russow cracked him with a big hook to the temple and Overeem hits like a sledge hammer. I don't think there are many people in the world that would have been standing after those shots.

Why don't you take a swing and see?

I think he needs one more chin test to come to that assessment


No he got got hit hard twice by russow and got clipped the reem doesnt mean he has a weak chin Phone Post

Arlovski chin surgery?!?!

Chomas -  too early to tell



Yes, he's got a questionable chin.

FatGuyTomatoCan kids... FatGuyTomatoCan.

He may have a granite chin, but no one cares because of that thread, LOL.

Personally, I don't know. Still early days.

UltraMagnus - People don't know what a glass jaw is...


A glass jaw is when a fighter gets knocked down or knocked out by shots that shouldnt be doing that to a professional level fighter in that weight glass OR by fighters that arent known for their punching power.

And one or both of those factors need to happen several times for that claim to have weight.

Overeem is the K-1 GP champion and on top of that Duffee fought a wild fight. No one with even a basic understanding of MMA would think anything beyond "he didnt follow a very good game plan and got hit with hard shots"

The Russow fight showcased the limits of carrying that much lean mass for 5 minute rounds. Duffee probably would have been fine doing 3x3 rounds. But he threw a lot of punches for a HW trying to put Russow away.

When Russow finally landed with his biggest shot, it was when they were the most tired which made it potentially even more devastating.

concur with helwig

if by weak chin you mean it sucks to be hit when youre tired and by overeem then yes.

yes the tempo

Nope, he's just being hit when gassed or by K1 HW champs.

He certainly doesn't have an iron jaw that's for sure.

  "He certainly doesn't have an iron jaw that's for sure."

Have you ever trained or fought?


 It was the knees to the body from Overeem that did it.

I know what a glass chin is and I didn't mean to say he had one if I did.
I just rewatch a lot of fights and noticed a trend since a decent assuerio silva fight.
He's a really talented prospect, and the skys the limit. I think he has the power that could've had Overeem just as quick if Duffee landed first. And he's always pretty gracious in defeat.