Does Travis Lutter Deserver Another UFC Chance?

he could beat andersen if he had a decent gastank so fuck it why not

standard 1-D BJJ guy, let him develop other aspects of his game first


I have no interest in seeing him fight anyway.

No. End of thread imo, he talks sooo much shit too

he lost to two top dawgs, and had them both in bad spots. anderson was in the worst spot we've seen him in vs lutter. he deserves it.

and i thought i read he was fighting joe doerkson. are you sure this was ufc, or somewhere else?

yes.dude fighting anderson for the belt got raped by lutter.but i do hate watching him fight.

 If Travis Lutter trained, obtained a gas tank, changed his name, gained some mucsle, got rid of fat, made weight, won the lottery, found the missing link, discovered the meaning of life, won 6 fights at heavyweight, 4 fights at lightweight, took out Al Queda by himself, proved that 9/11 was an inside job, found the 3rd gunman on the grassy knoll, taught George W Bush how to read an write, solved the current issues of the American economy, restarted Enron, single handedly brought Fanny Mae out of bankruptcy, taught Mccain how to use a computer, got Palin's kid some reading material from a free clinc, solved the worlds hunger problem, found life in the Universe other then that on Earth, cured Cancer, cured AIDS, developped a gene to place in females which would make all of there tits grow to the size of watermelons, brought back PRIDE, brought back the old vitor, found cro-cops missing left nut, delivered a box full of anthrax to kazja13, convinced Ken Shamrock that his career is over, made contact with aliens and created the first hybrid, found a meaningful alternative fuel source, and broke Bill O'Reilly's jaw, then I think he should be given another chance in the UFC.

Yes, he really does.

He did annihilate Cote after all.

He still looked better against Anderson than any of Anderson's opponents have in over 19 months now. He gassed against Franklin, but almost spoiled it.

Really, can you actually fault him for dropping the ball to Anderson and Franklin?

You guys are pretty harsh and your willingness to deny Lutter any chance to compete in the UFC while saying Cote deserves a title fight against Anderson at this stage fucking baffles me.

RampageBySlamKO - 
Really, can you actually fault him for dropping the ball to Anderson and Franklin?

You can fault him when those two losses are possibly his own fault. Had he had a better camp/coaches/etc. for the Anderson fight, maybe he would have come in, in better shape, not had to cut as hard and done even better against Silva, possibly winning.

Same situation with Franklin. Had he been in better shape with a gas tank, he could have possibly won that fight as well.

He's too hard headed and unable to find motivation and will always choke against A level competition. He's too content on living in the past on the glory of how he "almost beat Silva and Franklin."