Does Vernon White still think.....

Now that he has felt the sting of Hawaiian Kempo fists, does Vernon "Tiger" White still think that Ken Shamrock hits harder than Chuck Liddell? I laughed hard when Tiger said that. No disrespect intended to White, I think he's a good fighter and I'd like him back in the UFC. It's also possible that he was just giving props to his coach, which is also admirable and didn't really believe what he said. If he really believed Ken hits harder, I'll bet he changed his mind now. Chuck has much better striking ability than Ken Shamrock. Ken's stand up is very over rated by many, IMHO. Chuck is looking more dangerous every time out.

Gary Hughes

Of course Vernon is gonna hype up his boy Shamrock. Shamrock does it hard. Maybe not harder than Chuck, but he hits hard. Vernon, in a losing effort, looked pretty good. He rocked Chuck and not many can do that so early on in a fight. I hope to see Vernon back again as well.

I think White knows that his punch's at times were definitely fading Chuck, personally I think Chuck looked like Shit!!!!! White really could have won, He gave up.(Chuck definitely hit harder), but no kicks, its like Chuck knew he was going to win

Chuck never looks technical, but he wins.

White seemed to cocky.

Chuck had me when he said, "let's make it winner take all."

Chuck never looks technical, but he wins.

White seemed too cocky.

Chuck had me when he said, "let's make it winner take all."

Also, I like how they listed all of the top notch fighters Chuck has fought... immediately followed by White saying that Chuck was ducking him.

Chuck was too afraid to fight Vernon, so he fought Belfort, Couture, and Ortiz instead?!?!??!

That pu$$y!

Shamrock hits hard for a wrestler, he is NOT a good striker. Hit punches lack snap. That doesn't mean that his punches don't hurt, Ken is a very strong guy.

Tito stood and traded with Ken and did well. Look what happened when Tito traded with Chuck.

Gary Hughes

All this supposed dislike is BS. It is merely hype for ticket sales and advertisement. Why would Chuck fight in King of the Cage for 8K when he makes 100K in the UFC? How is he ducking Vernon when he was fighting Babalu, Vitor, Tito and Chuck? To put it simple...Vernon is a gatekeeper for the Lions Den. If you get past him, your good enough to fight Ken Shamrock. Vernon is the cream of the second tier fighters, and clearly isn't in the top tier of fighters. With that said, the UFC needs him to root out the rest of the Light Heavy Division. Keep him around...

lol at CDO

Ken does hit pretty damn hard. He staggered Fujita.

"shamrock could beat chuck easily " lol, he couldn't beat tito and chuck destroyed tito so I doubt it.

Gator Man, back away from the crack pipe.

Gator Man is incorrect.

Gary Hughes

Shamrock is a good striker, especially since training with Paulson.

I doubt Shamrock claims to hit harder than Mike Tyson.

kanetsuwaza...I disagree, I think Shamrock is an average striker. I have tons of respect for Paulson and I think Ken was smart to train with him.

I doubt if Shamrock thinks he hits harder than Tyson either, but he does claim to be "The World's Most Dangerous Man". LOL.

Gary Hughes

If Shamrock was to beat Chuck, it would be on the ground via leg lock... he would not out-strike him...

All hail Kenpo/Kempo Striking tech's.

Chuck got a little punch happy, i would have liked to seen a couple kicks, i think he could have put Vernon away earlier.

I agree with RealHard.

Shamrock is definitely not the most technical striker, but anyone who can stagger the cement headed Fujita must hit pretty hard.