Does Vince Quitugua's post here??

Does anyone know if Vince Quitugua posts on here and is he a blackbelt yet. ???

Vince does post here. He isn't a black belt yet as far as I know, still brown.

Is his half guard still off the hook, can you tell me. Is he successful with his techniques against most black belts??

I've never trained with him but I have heard good things about his half guard game. I do have his half guard video though and I like it. A lot of solid material on it.


Hey Trevor,

Not a blackbelt boss, probably will never be since training has been slow these last 6 months. Still a brown belt. I have found success with the techniques on white-black belt level. Hope that answered the question.

I train with high quality BB daily. I used to train with Vince daily. Vince is second to none with his half guard. Vince is one of those dudes that prefers to enjoy the flowers on the way to his destination. He once told me that he worked nothing but regaining guard for a year str8. Vince is a stud!

Vince is the man.


I really like his instructional, I have added it to my halfguard game already. The only other BJJ guy, i have seen who plays half like Vince is Jonatas Novaes (youtube his matcheds).


did he always play half without the underhook.


You are to kind buddy. I hope everything is going good over at Javi's. I hear you are going to have mma fight coming up? Keep in touch and hope all is well with the family. Working out with you helped my halfguard as well buddy, so thank you!


Bignightmare is a wrestler/jiu-jitsu hybrid player that will puts you to work on your back.


I trained with Vince for about 5 years. He can defintely answer your questions better, but Vince's game is great and everyone liked to roll with him. He used very little physical strength and was all technique based. I remember he did use the underhook at that time (2001-2005), but was constantly playing around with his game and would intentionally start in bad position to play from that position.

Vince, random question: What is the song that plays at the end of your DVD?


You got mail buddy.

green machine,

i will get you that info..

gotta watch it again to see what exact song it is.. lol

bjj student,

who are you?


It's Phil from Tinguinha's


The stud. Good to here from you man. Congrats on the brown!

Thanks boss, you are a tough one on the mats, and on another level technically. Gotta play catch up with you, Grant, and Chris all you guys got so good.

good luck with things


What do you think about this sweep??

is this a good option if the london is not available??


Just watched the video. The way Delariva hips are set pulling the london sweep would not be ideal for this position. Also the guy on top has his far legs knee far away from the hip, therefore his base is still set. Pulling the sweep in the video is a good option, but you just got to be carefull of the pass and dealing with somebody who has a good whizzer defense.

Hope that helped.