Does Winnie really work

Looking to cut some weight and get stronger.Does this stuff work. Is there any other stuff that works beside this.Any sites to go to buy this.

good diet and cardio

Winny alone isn't going to give you much gyno, if at all - but it will definitely hurt the joints! Other than that Tiko is spot on.

If you are overweight then winny can literally shorten your life by decades


Yes! Winnie the Pooh is great for entertaining kids and getting them to calm down

It works but I wouldn't risk it. I had some guys on my football team in college that tried it, and it messed them up something bad.


Is it Tuesday already? We have this thread every week. Time just flies by.

Downtown be nice......lots of fat asses post on here.

Well... I strongly advise against it for a few reasons...

1) It is illegal both in sports and by state and federal laws... DOUBLE WAMMY

2) It does dry your joints up and being an athlete that is the LAST thing you want.

3) To do it right you SHOULD stack it which means more money and putting more crap in your body.

4) The down swing from cycling off winnie alone isn't bad but you should be stacking to do it right, REMEMBER! This will cause a more noticeable "down" Winnie is water based so it is recommended that you cycle with an oil based enhancer.

5) It's morally questionable, but that is personal to you.


1)You get stronger

2)Improves cardio (this is debateable, but it doesn't hurt it)

3)You get cut *ONLY if you are dieting correctly too!

Thats some pretty honest advice... just remember if you do take it you are at risk for many things including UNKNOWN side effects as well.

Lastly... if you do take it, one thin is for certain... YOU ARE CHEATER!!

Jon Tarrh- What happened to your football buddies?

Winny is useless to help you cut weight if you dont know how to eat right. It does not burn fat or do anything to cut weight. Thats all diet and cardio

Secondly i really dont care if you use steroids or not. Thats your business but Winstrol has some of the worst side effects of any steroid

Don't do it. You're opening up a possible Pandora's box here, and that's just w/ your health. Bad idea.

I agree with poster above, Finaplix. You can buy it online, and it is only about $40-80 a cycle. Feed your cow.

"Lastly... if you do take it, one thin is for certain... YOU ARE CHEATER!!"

Is it cheating if he isnt in competition? Can you cheat at solitaire?

If he's not competing then it's not cheating since there is no rules or regulations governing him since there is a lack of competition... it still is however illegal... and yes you most certainly can cheat at solitaire.

Decjet, less toxic and no issue with joints

what can I take aside from roids that will help not dry my joints. Please advise. Thanks!

Tim Sylvia took Winny and look how buff he is.

Winnie is for horsies. Now Stanalozol? That's good eats!