Does WoW feel like a job to anyone

After busting my ass to get to 60, pretty much all my motivation to
play has evaporated. Maybe it's just burnout and I should take a little
time off? I have to say I almost want to just quit outright - I am not
joking that the fact that I have spent 11 full days of my existence
playing this game makes me a little sick.

Six months or so when I started I was recovering from illness and so I
had plenty of time to kill. Now I am doing better and I just feel like
maybe there are more constructive ways to spend my time.

Before I killed shit and would at least get xp and new abilities to try
out, but now I really can't be bothered to grind rep or shit like that. I
just want to play for FUN, and recently it really has not been that much

This is not a joke thread or a SteveW "I'M QUITTING WOW THREAD" but
I'm not sure if I want to keep playing. I will say that I have enjoyed all
of the Tards' company, and maybe if I just play one or two times a
week with you all that would keep me in the game.

Take a break, I've taken two between 0 and 60.

Yeah its tough once you hit 60. Like if you arent in a good guild thats running MC, BWL, AQ or NAXX then there isnt much to do at all. I got my hunter to 60 last january and quit playing within 2 weeks of that. I haven't played a second since then. I found running the same instances over and over again so repeatative and boring as well as frusterating. Like how many times can you run UBRS and not get the fucking beastalker's tunic, or scholo and not even see the ancient bone bow, ever, in like 30 runs, fuck.

Then my guild started running MC but I couldnt get into the raids because there were more hunters than we needed. I quit the guild, joined a new one but it wasnt the same, I knew I had lost the fire to play even running the big instances. I hung Barahir up, retired the jersey and tried out some new characters, first a mage, then a warrior, then a rogue, nothing worked. An average of over 6 hours a day for 3 months took its toll and I was burnt.

It has been 8 months since I played WoW and in the past week I've felt the call again. I've been watching trailers on youtube, videos of downed bosses, telling my friends about my old hunter that I thought was so kick ass and it makes me want to play again. Another part of me wants to forget about it and never be tempted to play a game like that again because it consumed my being, thats the kind of person I am, I get to into those games but alot of RPG'ers are the same way, we are obsessive. I'll probably pick it up again before the week is out, with a new account and start from scratch and hopefully regain the fun value it gave me when I first started.

My advice is to stop, completely. Playing once or twice a week will only make it worse because you feel like you are accomplishing even less than you think you are now and you will start to hate the game, dont let it come to that like I did. Take 2 months off, come back, and start all over, or wait until the expansion comes out and everyone is pumped up to play the new levels and races again. Hype for that is what makes me want to play again. But I'm done rambling, good luck.

WOW feels like a job and I quit months ago, I only read threads on here about it to keep me from coming back.

yep the best thing to do is take a break. Play something else for awhile, then return and wow will be brand new to you again.