Does your diet go to hell when you have alcohol?

It’s a known fact that people consume more unhealthy calories with alcohol but it’s amazing how quick it works on me. I almost never have more than one beer at home but god dammit if I don’t eat well all day, be halfway through a beer, then uncontrollably start looking for and crushing any carbs I can find in fridge and cabinets. Like a switch flips and become Incredible Hulk of bingeville


might be the first time in decades on this board I relate to girly

No. And I drink every day, unless I’m sick.

I’ve been too sick to drink maybe 3 times in the past 15 years.

Get some self control. You sound like women.

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I wonder about this. What if someone has a few drinks a night. But stays below their caloric intake? What if someone went all liquid and drank 6-7 seltzers a night?
Not recommended but what’s the deal?

If you call bribing sober family members to drive you to McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese, fish sandwich, large fry and a regular coke going to hell, then yes…


Keto keeps me able to drink and away from the carb cravings…Drinking vodka and crystal light as I type

Totally. I don’t get weed munchies, I get booze munchies.

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You need weed. All of you.

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You ain’t the only one yo

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There is a good reason Waffle House, Denny’s, Village Inn, etc. fill up when the bars close.

Vodka/diet ginger ale/ and a dash (dash!) of cranberry juice is pretty incredible as well.

I like your style and I see your ginger ale, vodka and cran and raise you a Jameson , lemonade (crystal light), and lime juice.

Our combos would make a very fine 3 day weekend

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I have weed, too.


I am a big fan of the weeds. 24k tonight, lemon lime punch tomorrow. Weeeeed man.

You would obliterate your sleep quality which would then lead to worse food choices during day and an endless cycle

only temporarily
ill eat shitty food while or immediately after I booze, maybe the next day , then I make it even more of a point to go back to a “healthy” / non shitty diet

my #1 issue that causes my diet to go to prolonged shit is when I stop traneing or stop staying active

I can drink and not overeat. My question is can alcohol slow down weight loss?

Same. You would think it would be the opposite but nope.

Absolutely. Liquid calories that are not remotely slowed down and fuck with your livers ability to do it’s job