Does your diet go to hell when you have alcohol?

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I’m more prone to fixing a decent healthy meal when not drinking… vs skipping dinner and then grabbing a bag of chips and throwing on some ramen noodles when buzzed… so yea I’d say my diet choices are pretty reckless after some alcohol

Opposite is true post workout. Going to grocery store immediately after exercise and the endorphins are kicked in… shop like an Olympian

Goonies have no problem with booze…

Just acting

A couple of years ago I did a low carb diet and drank whiskey on the weekends , I still ended up losing a bunch of weight

God, I used to drink copious amounts of that. Loved it.

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Yes, and it gets worse as I get older.

Fuck yeah. Food is delicious drunk and hungover. Hangover day I will demolish all kinds of stuff. Particularly candy.

I just accept it. When I feel inspired to occasionally challenge myself to test the constitution then I’ll do a phase of intermittent fasting and boring eating to know that I could if I had too…

but otherwise I just enjoy the pleasure of good food and drink in reasonable portion and don’t concern myself vanity

tonight it was Oriental-style ChickenWings, Thai-StickyRice, and Steamed veggies with Satay Sauce for dipping with BEER and WhiskySours for drinking while watching Cowboy Beebop!

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Classic MAN-shape Example:

looks like he hits the gym but still enjoys the food and drink!

7 Iconic Film Characters and their Drinks of Choice


This tough American cop has a real distain for ‘eurotrash’ so it’s a pretty safe bet that his cocktail of choice is going to have originated from the ‘land of the free’. He’s an uber-masculine New Yorker with Irish ancestry, so I’m going to match him up with a Whiskey Mac.-----

Keto hangovers are the worst!

Alcohol → Weed → midnight triple decker fried grilled cheese sammiches with raspberry preserves as a first course.

I try to catch a buzz, smoke a bowl, and crash before it gets bad.

All of those seem like amazing ways to end up with the uncontrollable shits for a week.

Just had a beer then legit ate two butter sandwiches made with hamburger buns. Didn’t even bother with anything else just butter


Nope. I’ve been 16/8 no carbs for 2 weeks and drink everyday. Don’t get drunk but have 4 or 5 in the evening.

Just posting in this thread to say I love alcohol and food. So good.


You’re a keto alcoholic? That’s like a superhero . Holy shit how do you not just start tearing shit open after a few?


Fuck all that faggy shit with names lol.

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I guess. IDK… super liver…but I have 2 so…

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