Does your neck hurt now??


If you are going to go for the leg, you better align yourself properly...OUCH!!!!!!!!!


Wow! That was bad. While I am sure that it is a one- in-a-million accident, that whole underneath, twisted guard work can really leave you vulnerable. And not just in mma either.

How could you possibly be the same after something like that?

God Bless Him,


That was sick, but now I know the dangers of being on your back. I hope that guy recovered well from that injury.



from what i heard, the two were pals. it was a freak thing. the guy was actually fine. he was walking around later that same day.

"he was walking around later that same day."


That's good to hear. The dude could have easily broken his neck. I remembering getting slammed from a position like that when I fought the regional final. My neck hurt for about a week. My opponent did not get hansokumake because I pulled his hair while going for the triangle. Fighting on your back has a lot of risk especially if your a lightweight. I was weighing about 57 kgs. at that time. It was very easy for me to get slammed in that position.

Thank God I never had tried it on the street.


It was his back at risk - not really his neck as much. The guy posted on one of the forums here explaining what happened.

He should have opened his guard when the opponent was stepping like that then his back wouldn't have gotten cranked.