Doesn't get cooler than this...

the only thing cooler is you bro...

"looks like a minefield!"

Oops, forgot to rake up last weekend. :)

That's my girl Daisy!


What type of Dog Smelvis? I got a 6 month old American Bulldog. Not sure if you ever met deWEAVERS dog bobo?


American Staffy. Yes I've met Bobo.


anyone else notice the doo doo right beside her?

and headlining XFC 5 Justins Dog and Elvis' Dog and a handicapped tag team match up against : MY CAT!!

you dogs are gonna die ;)

Swimming goggles? Please brother, they're Doggles ILS! The latest in cool Bitch Fashion!


I thought the coolest thing in bitch fasion these days was short denim skirts and ugg boots ?

Maybe I need to get out more (then again, maybe Elvis does ?)



Would you rather see a hot bitch in a denim skirt or just a pair of doggles?


some on the OG used photoshop on Elvis

Elvis, if you even have a denim skirt to fit that particular bitch I will be forced to call the RSPCA !


I'm still working on the Denim skirt. Her ass is too big at the moment... ;)


Where'd you get your dog Elvis?

Show breeder or elsewhere?

Just got a Blue and White Amstaff...his name is Bullet Tooth Tony and he's an 'ard c#nt. 16 weeks an becoming a behemoth. No digital pics yet but so I can't show him off too :-(

Am staffs are pretty cool, im looking after one right now for a few weeks, unfortunately for her, My man-stoping "NEO" Bruno has found a new game called drag mindy around the yard by her head, mind you he does weigh 87kgs and still growing.

i cant post pics, so if anyone wants to help.

Are those ski goggles for your dog??? cause it looks like you got some snow in the yard............. Yeah Pikas dog Tyson is way cooler, loves the magpies. You rock Bella ......

"Where'd you get your dog Elvis?"

Through a backyard breeder in the paper. She was the pick of the litter (the owner was keeping her for himself and I managed to convince his wife to sell her).


Thanks H/B,

Blue namer please.....think of the children.

Hey Frank, that is not a dog mate, that is a f'n elephant! Do you see your bank manager to get an extention on the home loan every time you feed it?

instead of a pooper scooper, Frank uses a back hoe.