Dog Brothers in Australia?

When I was overseas I seen these guys training stick fighting at the back of one of the mats while the rest of us did a BJJ class.

When the BJJ class finished I went over and watched. They must have noticed how fascinated I was because after a while one of the guys came over and introduced himself. His name was Marc Denny and he said he was part of 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts'. He told me a bit about the organisation.

It was really interesting, and I'm just wondering if it's here in Australia at all?
I had never heard of it until I went overseas. Any info would be good... :-)

Cheers, Maryanne.

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Talk to JBW next time you are in class, he has done a form of stick fighting (sorry cant remember correct name) and he would be able to advise if and where there are schools in Oz.


the dog brothers have made themselves famous by training stick fighting aka arnis aka escrima, or filipino martial arts, but their thing is they train full on. well at least within reason.

ray floro, who lives in sydney is one of the most renowned exponents of stick and knife fighting and has trained with the dog brothers. i have a friend that has trained a lot with ray, but personally, its not my thing, but he showed me a lot of things that can be done with a knife and stick. the only thing i see wrong with it is ur probably up shit creek if u hurt someone. choking someone out is one thing, but using a knife??

i thought black belt studios had a arnis class?

Hey Wal, u talking about Mick Barton?? He really got into the knives and sticks. He would most likely be doing something with them still. I know he was trying to start a class in Newy awile back.

No, Black Belt Studios don't have arnis class (at leased that I know of).

Guess it's not really big here in OZ.

Cheers, Maryanne.

Vince Perry at PUMMA on the Gold Coast holds regular eskrima / JKD classes

i did a google for arnis and there r a few in melbourne

M.A., there's a school called MMA on Flinders st in the CBD of Melb, that offers Arnis (or Kali) classes.
Also had kickboxing, Kiokishin (sp?), BJJ, and a few others too

Now what was that story Osumo was telling me the other day about the mugger, the knife and the knife fighting master?.......

Hey dude,
JBW knows the Dog Brothers, he was talking about them in class a while back. Pretty intense stuff by all accounts, you should ask him about them, but wait till I'm in class. I always enjoy John's stories.

Lol, will wait for ya Bear :-)

Might look into the Arnis classes in Melb, looks interesting at the very leased. Got alot more spare time on my hands now that schools finished... should try and be productive.

Thanks all!

Cheers, Maryanne.

yes, definitely look for ray floros affiliates.

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Lol, dojo stormer.
I do have a job. You know, waitressing is not all it's cracked up to be.... go figure.

So are there any Ray Floros affiliates in Melbs?

Best schools in Australia that I could honestly refer people to are those belonging to Doce Pares association. I've trained with people in that school both here in AU and in the States and their bonafide eskrimadors.

Word round the campfire is that the Dog Brothers are good but their sparring borders on the retarded without a high regard for injuries or their sparring partners. The head instructor of Doce Pares has fought in proper knife fights and none of the training I saw was ever at full contact/high speed without appropriate protective wear.

The style of stick fighting JBW did was Silat and I'm sure he'd be a wealth of info on the subject.

Greetings All,

Thank you for all the kind comments!!!!


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I'll try and steer you the right way.

Thanks again all

Raymond Floro

Ray Floro is a gentleman, a scholar and the man when it comes to stick and knife work. I've done a few classes and privates with Ray. Really should look into brushing up on that too.


Daniel, does Joss train with you?

"Ray Floro is a gentleman, a scholar and the man when it comes to stick and knife work. I've done a few classes and privates with Ray. Really should look into brushing up on that too."

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