Dog issue

So my sons are 5 & 8, have always had minor skin issues, rashes, eczema, etc…and we have a dog, a 9 year old Maltese, which their fur is hypoallergenic (much less dander produced than regular dogs). Wife finally gets an allergy test and the 8 year old is level 4 allergic (5 year old’s test is pending). Levels 1-3 aren’t too serious, 4 you can wind up hospitalized, 6 is you have to medicate daily. I think the dog being hypoallergenic has prevented severe symptoms from arising.

So now I have to decide, let my sons continue to deal with skin issues or have the dog put down? I don’t consider “re-homing” him an option, that would be the cruelest thing to do IMO.

I’m a dog person and it kills me, but he’s gotta go, right? He’s 9 he had a good run, I’d feed him steak for a couple of weeks straight before hand…

There are rules mfr!

Rehome the dog, itll move on real easy knowing you’re a piece of shit who’d rather put it down then let it live its life with someone else. Fuck man you don’t deserve a dogs love.


Op is gonna get murdered in this thread.
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You’re right, maybe I’ll just punt the decision to the Mrs., then I can bring it up in future arguments down the road…

Glad downvotes are outlawed.

Was just thinking… If only Hitler would have given the Jews steaks for a few weeks before…well you know…



Fat and happy, no?

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I’m 100% positive someone would adopt this dog if you absolutely had to get rid of it.

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Fatter… for sure.

Rehome with a friend or family member. [Lifetime - 9 years] isn’t a huge burden on anyone; kids get to visit every now & then; everybody’s happy except the psychopathic murderer that wrote the OP.


I should mention, I’m in Korea, they cut dogs loose left and right over here. I could probably wrangle up 5 or 6 free English Bulldogs his weekend if I wanted to…

I hear you, but the wife’s family doesn’t want him and OP is a loner, a rebel. But that is beside the point, I would never make contact with the dog again, and my son’s could give 2 shits about him, so maybe just offer him up to a stranger…

Just seems crueler than death to me…

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That’s terrible. You already have a new breed picked out?

What, no, I’ll never have another dog, just an example of an expensive ass dogs being given away over here.

Sorry, this isn’t really a time for sarcasm.

Put the dog down you dumb motherfucker. What kind of shitty father keeps a worthless pet that’s giving his family rashes? Are you retarded?

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Fuck you OP


Put this guy down too op