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Found this on the If this doesn't make you cry, you suck!

FYI - it has a good ending :) Phone Post 3.0

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man, I gotta do something about all this dust in here.

JackFunk - man, I gotta do something about all this dust in here.
I always have a hard time watching videos on animal abuse and rescue dogs, but I watch it anyway for some stupid reason. One of our dogs is a rescue and he still shows signs of abuse and it sucks. I really would like to take a bat to anyone that has ever hurt an animal, especially a dog. I just don't know how anyone has it in them to do such an awful, cowardly thing. Phone Post 3.0

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Bill Burr does a bit in one of his stand up special where he makes fun of people using the word "rescue" when they go to the local shelter and get a dog, which is hilarious, but what these people do is really worthy of  being called a "rescue."   At least this one had a happy ending.  They have one video where they got the dog to the vet, but all they could do was make it comfortable until it finally died.  

Haha, I know exactly what skit you're talking about. That's why I always feel weird saying rescue, since I didn't actually rescue the dog from a burning building, but I think of the word rescue as giving the dog a second chance in life.

And Bill Burr loves his dog now! I think he's got a pitbull. Phone Post 3.0

Pic of our little guy that was abused. He's quite cute. Phone Post 3.0

shit turns me into a blubbering little girl.

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Love videos like this EXCEPT for that sappy shitty music they have to play!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to watch it muted.

VU thanks man! Phone Post 3.0