Getting a dogo argentino in a coupke of months. Anyone here own one or have any experience with them? Phone Post

They are awesome. My buddy had one and I loved it. It was an asshole though sometimes with his wife and would not listen to her. She could not get the dog outside to save her life. It was so stubborn and she would pull the bloody thing by it's neck lol. Phone Post

Neighbors had three. Sickest dogs ever. Seriously, all dogs bow to the dogo. Most intimidating fucks ever. People walked on the other side of the set when you saw them but when you approached them they had the sweetest disposition ever and loved to be petted and played with. Very gentle and sweet.

Fucking awesome dogs. The boss/king of dogs. My next dog will be a dogo. Phone Post

Best friend has had one for 7 years...greatest dog ever

I love that gigantic animal...just understand they need exercise

Majestic and gentle...but intimidating as Fuck..they will defend their land or owners with their life...I love playing with the dog Phone Post

Nice! Subbing for pics and name Phone Post

Have a client with one that I've trained for about a year so far. Super awesome dog. Gotta stay on top of em though, if you give em an inch they'll take a mile. Phone Post 3.0

I have an American bulldog/dogo. He's 150lbs and has a 40" chest. And I'll agree with everyone here, they are the perfect dogs.

I have no worries about him around strangers, and worry more about other dogs reaction to him than his to them.

Then at the same time I feel incredibly safe knowing he is protecting my family. He has acted very protective only a couple of times, always justified. Phone Post

That's one majestic looking dog

Phone Post

Awesome dogs

Post pics alky Phone Post 3.0

Fantastic animals, loyal and loving. Great with my son.

Mine was a master of disguise

Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Man I loved that damn dog! We lost him to cancer almost 2 years ago.

For the record Chaos makes an awesome name for a Dogo because when you own one your life is in chaos! Phone Post 3.0

Ttt for the boss of all dogs. No can defense. Phone Post

I love Dogos and agree they're nearly perfect.

This "all dogs bow" stuff is really pushing it though. I wouldn't try telling an Ovcharka or Boerboel that..

Unless you mean as a pet. Then I can get behind you on that.

aren't they meant for hog hunting?

Aaron Becker - aren't they meant for hog hunting?

They're good at it but make great house pets too if you take care of their exercise needs.

Ridgeback - 

They can be a lot of dog.  They have the most intimidating barks of any breed I have ever come across.  Some of them are gentle and friendly and some of them are very aggressive and way too much for living in a town or city. I would probably pick dogos if I lived in a cabin in Alaska and no strangers were welcome on the property without permission.  LIke anything, it comes down to the individual dog, not the breed.  Every breed has awesome individual dogs and completely shitty ones that will make you regret ever bringing him home.

Dude that would be mean. They're a short haired dog better suited for warm weather.

Aaron Becker - aren't they meant for hog hunting?

They're good at it but make great house pets too if you take care of their exercise needs.

were they bred for hog hunting I guess is what I'm asking?

dogo in alaska is a bad idea. there are far better full coated mastiff or mastiff like options that are actually suited for cold weather

They were bred for the purpose of big game hunting (puma, boars etc.) so pretty much, yeah.

Amazing all the different breeds they used to get modern dogos. Danes, Mastiffs, etc.