Dogs: Does anyone have....

A pit bull / Bulldog mix? If so how big did they get?

You mean that specific mix? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah or Amstaff/ Bulldogg mix

Not the same, but I have a boxer/bulldog mix.

About 75 lbs in tip top shape. When I broke my ankle and couldn't walk him he got up to 90.

JMacc, great looking dog(s).

Thanks, bro. They're great dogs.

We adopted a male and a female Amstaff/Bulldog mixes eight weeks old. We pick them up tomorrow, they are blues (gray).


my white trash second cousin who knocked up his toothless girlfriend at 14 does

My guess is they'll probably end up around 75-80 lbs, slightly shorter than a regular AmStaff but a bit more stocky with huge heads and a bit of a flat face with a subtle underbite.

Show us some pics when you get them, sounds like awesome dogs.

Thanks, I will post some pics this weekend. Puppies, and a three year rest.