Doing first Sober October. Who’s in?

Thing is I haven’t had more than 2 beers more than once or twice in a year. I’m just a fancy geek beer label chasing whore. I get aggravated when I see how many plastic 4 pack holders I have. The $$ spent that comes out as pee. Not to even get a buzz. Plus you know… abs and stuff.

Any of you do it on a yearly basis like Roe Jogan?


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I want to, but I’m afraid…

I can handle not drinking, just have a hard time giving up smoking on my free time…

Are you going to track progress in this thread when you do it?

Sure, I’m in.

Sure I’ll come back to thread to make sure I follow through. Funny part is my sisters wedding is this weekend which means no beer. Fine with that wanna bail as soon as possible. My number one enemy is local beer social media pages. They always get me even if I unfollow.

Guess this will be my last beer til ZNed buys me one or five in Savannah next month

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Fuck no! What the hell is wrong with you?


I was actually considering giving it a go

Sober since Sept 13, 2013.


Are you trying to get me killed?


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I’ll go, but only until the 26th.

On the 27th I’m flying back home for a weekend of DnD shenanigans with friends from college. It’s a drunken disaster but possibly the best weekend of the year.


My will power on the weekend during football season is basically non existent…maybe I’ll give it a shot but I’ll probably bow out come October 2 or 3.

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I’m in.

I’ll do it!

(Stopped drinking Thanksgiving 3+ yrs ago). I’ll continue not drinkng.

Pot count? I’m smoking pot. Love pot. Pot is great.

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I’m anti pot. You hippie

This pretty much sums me up. Haven’t had a drink in at least 6 weeks.

Smoke everyday


Sober October is fucking stupid. Quit for 1 month? Omg you’re my hero!

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I’m going to start drinking in Oct.