Doing Keto...I guess?

Stopped eating all carbs three days ago. I see things about how I’m supposed to feel like I have the flu but I feel completely normal. Maybe a bit less hungry than normal.

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HEY! I’ll have you know that I just dropped below the “overweight” category in the BMI calculator last week. So according to science, I am not fat.


Get some of the keto piss test strips

Lots of folks think they’re in ketogenesis but something in their diet is cock blocking it

if you successfully hit keto, you can (or might) expect headaches and being super thirsty depending on what your diet was like prior.

This will pass

Then you’ll get super focused, lots of energy whilst in contrast maybe finding yourself a little weaker in workouts

and you’ll burn off a good percentage of excess fat pretty quick

But again, don’t presume you’ve hit keto just because you’re not shoveling pasta down your throat


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Join the fasting thread instead.

More results, easier (truly), shrinks your stomach.

Plenty of us lost 10 or more pounds in 7-14 days


Oh yeah I don’t think I’m in ketosis or anything. Just seeing a bunch of shit online about feeling like shit at day 3. I ordered the strips on YAMAZON PRIME but don’t have them yet.

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That thread was my inspiration for doing it.

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Also this

I did 9 days and it was amazing


Fasting is better. Trust me. Join the fast side, young apprentice.

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Yeah…I have great respect for you all. Even in my younger days when I was doing 10 day meditation retreats, I couldn’t even pull off a 48 hour fast. It’s not for me. I’m just trying to shake off the last 10 lbs after losing 25 in the last 18 months. Almost there and have been crushing it on my Airdyne.

But you guys are a huge inspiration. Love that thread.

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Do this, or at least consider it.

Start with keto 4-5 days. It’ll cut your hunger and will kick-start you into ketosis. Much easier to fast once you’re in ketosis.

You’ll lose 10 lbs in 7 or 8 days, guaranteed.

Also, if you want to weigh 10 lbs less, you need to lose 13 lbs (you will regain 3 lbs of water afterwards).

Fasting has benefits ketosis doesn’t. Autophagy, stomach shrinkage, earlier satiety once you start eating again.


I’ll be 4 years on keto/carnivore this August. Never got the keto-flu or had weird shits.

I did feel foggy brained for like a month though because I wasn’t eating enough salt and fat.

Eat more salt than you think you should. I recommend putting keto salts in your water for a while.


I did keto for awhile and never got the keto flu. The only issue I did have was cramping for a few days. That was it. I lost about 40lbs in 6 weeks. I had to quit it. I was dying just for some fruits. I have been saying I’ll start back, but cant. I have reservations at Del Frisco’s s this weekend, so I’m not starting this week.

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Here’s the deal. I’ll post the details right after.

Everyone thinks it’s unhealthy to fast. It isn’t. I’ve tried it on hundreds of patients. My colleague in Toronto Jason Fung has tried it on thousands. It’s the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to lose weight quickly. And has a ton of positive effects.

As long as you have over 10% body fat, it’s safe to do for at least 2 weeks. You just need to remember a few important details.

I think at least 30 of us has tried it on the OG, me included.



-Before fasting: try cutting carbs to a minimum 48h before fasting, it’ll make fasting easier.
-Here what is allowed: water, tea, coffee.
-No need for supplements or vitamins or anything the first 2 weeks. If you sweat a lot, you can use a small cup of broth every day.
-The first 3 days are the WORST. Be prepared. But if you can make through this, it’s really easy afterwards. Neither Stache nor I have had problems with hunger or cravings after day 3.
-Do not exercise the first 3 days, as your body is transitioning from sugar to fat as energy source.


In the interest of providing guidelines here, and to make this simple and generalizable for everyone, here goes. I’m also going to take a more conservative approach than previously because it’s summertime and some will sweat and exercise, and I’d rather suggest taking more than less. I looked everything up and confirmed with the Jason Fung book. I personally fasted for 9 days with a little milk and no added sodium.

Do not do it if you’re pregnant or a diabetic on insulin.

Fast = MAX 14 days. You could do it longer but you would need extra coaching and additional info.

1st week: no food, just water (2-3 L per day). Coffee and tea are allowed.

IF: you exercise, work outside, take blood pressure pills, add 1gm of sodium per day

2nd week: no food, water (2-3 L per day). Coffee and tea are allowed. Preferably, especially if you exercise, you also need: sodium (1-2g per day), potassium (1-2g per day), magnesium (2-300mg per day). Best choice: 2 cups of salted spinach every day.

Again, this is likely overkill for a 14 day fast, but it won’t interrupt the fast or the fat burning and will make it more palatable.

Simply put:
-It works: you’ll lose 4-6 lbs per week (more the first week because of excess water losses)
-It’s remarkably easy after the 3rd day
-It’s cheap (obviously)

Those who embark, it would be awesome if you could post:
-Daily weight
-Blood pressure (if you have high BP)
-Waist circumference

credit to this post goes to the ghost of @Videodrome. Long live the new flesh.


When you start pissing like there’s no tomorrow make sure to up your electrolytes. If you keep your electrolytes up you won’t get the keto flu.

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Keto works very well if you stick to it. In 2016 at the age of 46 I lost 80 pounds in 4 months just doing keto, walking and p90x3 after the second month. The motivation for me was to get into law enforcement which I did.

I left law enforcement over a year ago due to covid’s impact on our family business. My father then died a few months later. I said fuck keto and started drinking way too much.

Over the past year I have not been taking care of myself and put a bunch of weight back on. I finally dealt with the issues I needed to and now I am getting back to where I was. By using the fasting thread.

Either one will work, the fasting is easier than I thought and is a huge personal challenge.

Good luck brother.


Not my experience. Some get it, others don’t. It’s related to your brain and muscles switching from sugar to fat for fuel.