Doing Way to Much Muay Thai

Im driving down the street the other day about to jump onto storrow drive in Boston. For those of you not from the area there is a big science museum right before you get onto storrow drive. On the side of this museum is a life size replica of a T-Rex.

So as Im driving, i notice the t-rex is posed as if he was walking towards you, with this right foot in front of his left. The first thing that goes through my mind is:

"Hmm, hes got all his weight on his lead foot, hes wicked open for a leg kick."

A fuckin fake T-Rex and this is what i think when I see it. Im going insane

The closest that I have come to this is, while being in a crowded subway, thinking of how I would defend attacks from various people standing around me. They were all in different directions and angles. People holding the subway poles have their limbs extended and are vulnerable to arm bars, lol.

there was a whole thread on this, it should still be on this page somewhere....



Texas, ya i saw that thread, but i just felt this was way outside the realm of normal. ANd funny enough to share

lol gotcha! but it would have been a great asset to that great thread :(


SBB, for all the MT you do you would think you'd be better at it...



The student is a reflection on the teacher...

Ohhh got you bruce lee style