Dojo Challenge Match (BJJ vs ?)

BJJ Blue Belt vs ?

check it out...


their stand up sucks big

Its a tradition that these end in RNCs

The "black belt in multiple disciplines" looked like he had never actually hit anyone in his life.

no disrepect intended to either one of those guys, but yikes

Guys... he looked like a kid, and he's just a blue. Give him a break.

^true but someone has to tell him that putting your own fists on your jaw is at least crazy

what a spining backfist!

holy moly, did you see that horse stance. wicked.

re: 2 minutes, 4 seconds...

(in Bruce Lee voice)

"What was Dat?"

I would have pounded him out once i took his back instead of going for the rnc (although i am primarily a wrestler and boxer)

Hammerhouse fan? Awesome! I didn't think those still existed!

Just kidding. But it was funny reading where you say you wouldn't have looked for the RNC. Spoken like a real hammer house fan! (not going for a sub)

I'm jealous of that spinning back fist combo.


kid looked like a blue belt and did well. the only comment i would make is that the blue belt shouldn't have led the striking as much as he did. i support him for pushing the pace, but i think it would've been better to let the other guy come in with some strikes, and then he could probably duck and shoot a good (albeit sloppy) double.

Hey I love subs as much as the next guy but I feel you need to make a statement in a dojo challenge match, and nothing puts the exclamation point on better the gnp'in the guy once you have his back



I give the loser credit for trying at least. That puts him above 99 out of 100 of the people that practice ThroPunKi or whatever.

Alway kind of wonder how I'd do in one of these. I'm a good boxer and ok TMA judo guy. I don't know.