Why does guy who is 0-3 in IFL get UFC opportunity?

 Dolce also KO'd Jim Abrille so he does have a "W" in the IFL

OK, went from 3 straight IFL losses to tv opportunity to get UFC contract. Doesn't make sense to me.

Token quest guy.

Whoa!!! I hear what you're saying but at least give me credit for fighting really tough dudes in the IFL.

My IFL losses were to:
Delson Heleno(11-2) 3xBJJ world champion (decision)
Antonio McKee (21-3) (decision)
Lyman Good (7-0) (decision)

The fights were all very competitive and I had just turned pro six months before stepping into the IFL. Doesn't put a W in my column but the experience showed me what I need to improve.

The problem is, I was way tougher than I was skilled. I still am to a degree.

Don't count me out just yet though, I'm actually headed down to Huntington Beach to live and train with Waldomiro Perez Jr. (Rampage's BJJ coach and 3x Pan Am world champion as a black belt) and keep putting the pieces together.

Give me a bit more time to mature is all I ask.

-Mike Dolce

Well, record is just one of the considerations for who makes the show. As a criterion it seems to be fairly far down the list, but this is TV after all.

I like Dolce's attidute. All the best to your MMA career.

Why does guy who is 0-3 in IFL get UFC opportunity?

Wouldn't you accept an offer to train with top fighters and their coaches? Most promoters don't just look at your record - they look at how you fight and the crowd's reaction.

You can teach skills but you can't teach heart - Dolce never quits.

Dolce is legit.

 Dolce is a beast, unfortunately his record doesn't reflect it. I would give him a shot against pretty much anybody....

Do people really look at records that much?

Everyone loses but aren't there better indicators like the opponents fought, how well a guy did during his fights, fighting/training background, experience or lack thereof, etc.

I don't think its just coincidence that alot of the TUF participants go on to do very well once they have full-time training with very good coaches. I've always looked at TUF as maybe not the best guys record-wise, but guys who the UFC feels can improve under the right circumstances. Of course, there are the exceptions to that school of thought though.




He also got a big knock out to get in the house...

 As a selfish teammate and good friend, I will hate to see Dolce go. However, everyone has to do what's right for their family and their career. Dolce is already much better than his record shows and is constantly improving. Soon his competition performance will more evenly match his training performance, that's when the world's crow population will decrease dramatically from being eaten by all the haters.

GreenMountain, go fuck yourself. Yes, I agree Dolce is a fighter, and I hope he becomes great. However, I thought the pick for the show was curious, which is hardly a disgrace. I don't even think you disagree. You're just a suckass.