Dolphins need to fire Wannstedt &

Fiedler. And then they need to understand that the season doesn't end in November--you also need to do well in December.

You are free to take Fassel and Collins

They'll Mike Mularkey and sign Keshawn Johnson in the offseason!

If they did any of the above it wouldn't surprise me. It seems to me that for the past way-too-many years they are content to consistently have winning records but never be a playoff, much less Super Bowl, threat. It's like they've caught the retirement community mentality from being down in Florida.

Wannstedt will go if they don't make the wild card playoff spot.

Fielder will stay but get beaten out by some new off season pick up for the starting job.

I hate December.

They need a QB, their coach doesnt throw the ball

Their coach doesn't do much to help them win.

He has that defense playing well...Lets face it the need some offense..The dolphins are so easy to defend against because they dont have QB or Playmaker WR..

Chambers is playmaker. Jay Fiedler is not.

Mmmm.... Dolphins @ Buffalo in December...

In the Christmas Spirit, let me quote from one of my favorite carols:

"Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we've no place to go

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

The Dolphins suck at home in December, so it's not the weather. Maybe they don't realize that December's games count.

You can have another Chicago retread - Dick Jauron & his Barney Fife-esque O-Coordinator John Shoop. Plus you can take Kordell.

How's that?

"They'll Mike Mularkey and sign Keshawn Johnson in the offseason"

Please let this be so. Get that motherfucker Mularkey out of Pittsburgh... lets see Miami start running triple handoff reverse pitch flea yo momma flickers on 3rd and inches. I've had enough of watching my Steelers do it.

The Dolphins are in desperate need of an offensive line. Right now you could put John Elway back there and it wouldn't make a difference.

How will they screw up tonight? And what will their excuse be since they can't blame the cold weather?

Great job proved to the world tonight that you are a
perennial mediocre team.

Bye Wannstedt.

Chris Chambers is a fucking bad ass wide out, they have that going for them.

He is ok

I recommend you start Brian Griese, especially when contending with the Broncos for a wildcard spot. Thank you for all of your help.

buddie in denver

well the number one problem i'm seeing as a Fin Fan,is that the other teams are better than us,i'd like to play Philly again,but then they would just beat us again,their just a better coached football team than us,we need help,we need Sapp on that D line,and Owens at Flanker,unload Thomas to a team with a good coach,where he'll have a chance to play with a good team.Try to get Arizona Moved to the A.F.C. East,just call New England and surrender,quit wasting gas money.