Dolphins need to fire Wannstedt &

Miami's keeping Wannstedt--hold on for another just-above-average season.

It is when you don't make the playoffs. That's the stupid mentality Miami seems to have--as long as they have a winning season they're content. What do the Dolphins have that the teams that finished 4-12 this year don't? A lower position in the 2004 draft.

I didn't mean that you were stupid, just whoever's calling the shots in Miami. I don't get the sense that they care all that much about what happens from December on.

The Dolphins need to bolster up their offense a bit by getting a real QB and another receiver. They already have a decent line, a good tight end, a good fullback, and RICKY.

They should cut Fiedler, draft a QB in the first round, and start Griese next year schooling whoever they draft, and try to sign Keyshawn or another good WR. With defense, and an improved offense they should make the playoffs soon enough.

I agree with Brian Davis, 10 wins is hard to come by in the NFL..QB is Miami's problem not their coach