Dom Cruz as a commentator vs. an analyst......

So, it seems people are torn on whether they liked him commentating w/ Rogan and Anik.

But in the Fox booth as an analyst almost everyone thinks he is awesome. In fact, they mentioned him winning an award for sports analyst.

So, regarding his commentating fights w/ Rogan and Anik, do you:

1. Not want him to do it anymore, and stick w/ being an analyst in the Fox booth.

2. Love him as a commentator and to keep doing exactly what he is doing.

3. Keep commentating, but receive some coaching before his next event. Things such as improving his enthusiasm level and tweaking a few other things.

Any other comments about him are appreciated. I personally would probably fall in the #3 category. I liked some of what he was doing a lot, but thought he could improve on some things, as well. At times I thought that although his analysis was great, the delivery could be improved, such as his voice not being so monotone. Maybe that just comes w/ experience, I don't know.

Keep commentating, but receive some coaching