Domestic abuse question

So you are minding your own business one night and your hag of a wife starts nagging at you about not taking the garbage out. You tell her to shut the hell up and she starts beating the shit out of you. Like literally fucking you up. Nails, punches, eye gouges, so you put her in a rear naked choke and knock the bitch out. The question is do you go to jail ?

You RNC'd her AND knocked her out?

Overkill. :P

Overkill ? This is an attempt at self-defence. The only way to get her to calm down and stop kicking the shit out of you is to knock her out.

If he'd RNC'd her properly he wouldn't have had to KO her. And if he'd KO'd her, he wouldn't have had to use the RNC.

Just giving you a hard time. ;P

We have a real problem here in many states when it comes to domestic violence and the way it is handled by law enforcement and the crim. justice system.

Many friends of mine who are cops have told me (in confidence) that they are instructed at their continuing education seminars and such (by the domestic relations prosecutor, no less) that in a domestic situation of apparent mutual violence, regardless of what each party's story is, the Male goes to jail. Apparently (wrom what I am able to gather) this is the new way to handle such domestic situations, as taught by the man-hating femi-nazi thinktanks that are controling public policy. While this may not be the current policy everywhere, be aware that there are groups who push this policy and you may see it emerging.

I have defended dozens of cases where:

1) girl gets pissed at guy for some reason (he stays out drunk, he fucks some other girl, she is drunk and belligerant, he and/or she is fucked up on drugs, etc)

2) girl physically attacks guy

3) guy tries to leave house/apartment but girl blocks door or jumps on his back to prevent his leaving (all the while hitting and scratching him)

4) guy does what he has to do to defend himself from this crazy bitch (throws her off, pushes her down, shoves her away, etc.)

5) guy calls 911

6) cops arrive at scene, notice a "red mark" (as the complaints often term it) on the female and overlook the clawmarks and black eye the guys is sporting

7) male goes to jail

No shit, I have defended literally dozens of cases that follow that general script. It's scary. I have also defended a few (very few) cases where the girl is the defendant.

So to answer your question Ackecknino, YES, it is possible for the guy to go to jail. Will he be convicted? That is a whole different story, but as for going to jail that particular night... certainly possible, if not probable.

when my psycho ex started getting psycho on me, i would lay on the floor. figured that she would have a heck of a time explaining how she had no marks on her and kick marks on me.

eventually, i got a restraining order against her. she violated and went to jail. sued her twice for assault and won. she was put on probation for a year.

it was too easy.

man i miss fucking her.


Mad skillz yo.


Excellent tactic!

Not here. 90% of the time, the man gets arrested/cited. I win those cases on a regular basis, but it hardly makes up for the time lost to the innocent.