Dominic Cruz

Best analyst in MMA.

i like him. smart dude. Phone Post

I like Rashad a little better, but I agree Cruz is really good as well. Stann and Chael are good too. Florian is my least favorite and Daniel Cormier is still pretty new so not sure about him.

Just saw Urijah the other day, but he's real new. Seems like he'll be good once he gets comfortable. Phone Post 3.0

Those guys spent a lot of time being trained to be on air and it really has paid off with Cruz. He's solid. I'll take Cormier over Randy, though Randy was decent.

Got think Cormier is actively training a lot and Dom has had 2 acl surgeries. Phone Post

He goes in growth depth, which is lost on Alot of people but I love it Phone Post