Dominican Republic to build wall in bid to keep out Haitians

This is exactly the type of story we should demand 1st world globalists answer for. Why are the “racist” dominicans allowed to build walls while Americans are called racist for wanting a wall. While they are at it they can explain Mexico’s racist immigration policies.


I see you’ve never met a haitian.

They adopted the personal hygiene practices of the french. What a truly disgusting bunch the french are.

Is there a gofundme to help DR build the wall?

I’m 100% in favor of the dominicans building a wall (sorry i wasn’t clearer). Just saying every soveriegn nation should be able to control thier borders without being called “racist”. Seems like dominicans and many others are given a pass which europe and america are not given.

Lol this is true. There was a family of Hatians at my high school and they had the rankest b.o. imaginable

You’re argument is a bit off. The people that are enabling all of this false victimhood are other white people. In essence, white people only have themselves to blame for all of this wokeness. You can’t blame poor 3rd world shitheads, they don’t know any better and what ghetto have nots wouldn’t want free shit? Now the 1st world assholes that are actually bowing down to this shit, they’re the actual problem.

spam cultural marxists, many of whom demand ultra tight militarized borders for Israel have fucked up the public conversation on this issue. and brainwashed way to many people with thier control of media/academia.

We should be having public conversations on prime time media about things like this dominican border wall, or mexico’s nazi like immigration policies (or how they treat migrants), etc etc etc.

Instead all these converations are strictly forbidden.

oh ya and spam many of the white people your talking about all live in gated communities and are sheltered from the consequences of open borders. they benefit from the cheap housekeeping and inflated housing costs. its win win win for them.

If I had women like this I would be building walls aswell.


great baseball players aswell.

But I want them in thier own country, not in mine. same way they don’t want haitians.

decent looking women, great baseball genes. would be fucked up with haitian DNA.

haiti truly is a shithole. i was thinking about a DR trip sometime soon. They’ve got some really nice spots and the country seems to be on the uptrend.