Dominick Cruz has a brand new hand

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                                Dominick Cruz has a brand new hand

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                    <p>let the surgery begin!...u can pic up the outfit at ur local hospital!;)ha</p>

these r the lovely doctors taking care of me, so if something happens 2 me...they live in chicago! Lol

ok every1,im alive n officially in the recovery stage!!:).

the doc's got me pumped full of the pain meds that michael jackson od'd on,n Now im levitating right now like chris angel!I know his secret!

Prepare yourself peeps;)!...heres my hand 15 hours post opp!

Read entire twitter...

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 geeze  thats nasty

not too much makes me up chuck in my mouth, that pic did.

good luck with rehab.

Love watching this guy

pretty sick.... hope for a speedy full recovery

FrankenHand. Look forward to seeing him back.

GODDAMN! (tyrone biggums voice)

I got to meet him this past weekend and I must say he is the nicest most humble person. Very difficult not to like him even if you didnt like fighting

Cruz seems like a good dude. I hope he comes back soon. I like watching him fight! Phone Post

 Did he sew it up himself?


weird stitch job that is going to leave a nasty ass scar

Ouchy Phone Post




His hand !

It looks like it was hacked open with a box cutter, sewn back together with a pair of needle nose pliers and 20 test fishing line and lure included.


 thats nasty, bet its going to leave a hell of a scar.

I can't stand watching Tiny Dancer fight.. It's just too fucking booring for me. I know he will win against anyone who isn't as fast as him. But I also know he won't KO or TKO them which makes it a snooze fest.

I still respect him as a fighter though.

Holy shit, WORST Sutures ever !

What was the injury? Broken metacarpal?


Whoah!  Where do i go to get a vagina put in my hand??  probably easier in the palm, IMHO....